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 The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament {Open to all!}

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The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament {Open to all!} Empty
PostSubject: The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament {Open to all!}   The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament {Open to all!} I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 12:25 am

This is a little idea I had floating around, and so I put it here to try it out as a semi-combat-based RP. Basically this roleplay is centered around The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament, a renown event in which many unicorns from nearly every region of Equestria come to use their magical prowess in order to fight in a competition for the title of "Grand Equestrian Magical Duelist." In the roleplay itself, there will most likely be a short first period of time in which people may join and meet eachother and learn a bit more about the tournament, after which the competition will commence and the different ponies will fight their opponents in a non-lethal magical duel, in which they can use nearly any spell they have learned up to that point in order to defeat their adversary and move on up through the tournament hierarchy.


~~~OC: Logik~~~

Logik entered the stadium nervously, looking around. Should I have come so early? He had come an hour earlier in order to prepare himself and beat the crowd that would surely gather, and looking around the large stadium's seats he could see that there were not too many ponies around yet, aside from the judges, referees, and the occasional early spectators. Looking down at the ring that was to be the location of the upcoming duels, he could see a few ponies there too. They were all preparing it for the fights ahead though, and soon would be gone. Some were clearing the debris from the ring and making sure it was not worn or damaged, while a few unicorns could be seen placing certain wards on the ring to make sure no magical spells ruined it in the near future.

He gulped. I will be down there within the hour...fighting others with magic... I hope I don't hurt anyone... Or get hurt, for that matter. This seems quite dangerous... The colt was obviously nervous, fidgeting around and unable to do anything other than worry while he waited. He roamed around the third row of seats from the ring, pacing back and forth and staring at the ground as he did so.
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The Annual Equestrian Magical Dueling Tournament {Open to all!}
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