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 Old memories and new friends

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Old memories and new friends Empty
PostSubject: Old memories and new friends   Old memories and new friends I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 2:08 pm

Blue Flame exited the train followed by a crowed of ponies that were going off to do their own business. It was surly going to be a nostalgic day for him he felt as he left the train station. He had grown quite a bit since last he walk these streets.

He was older and had many good friends over the years that had given him an idea of self worth making him a more confident. This Blue Flame was different having been through so much with his friends, he could now stand to be in public alone as per his usual phobia.

It was so much more than that though. When he spoke he spoke softly but loud enough to be heard, when he smiled, he smiled gently, and when he was anywhere, he was always mellow. You could practically see the maturity and knowledge in his eyes.

“So I'm back here where it all began, huh? This outta be fun.”, he sighed as he strolled down the street.

Everything looked the same to him. Same buildings, same shops, and almost all the same ponies. As he walked through his old place there was a smell of peace and calmness in the morning air. Every now and again he'd wave at somepony he remembered or somepony that remembered him. He was quite honestly happy to see this old place and it's sometimes snooty ponies, despite the reason he was there.

His parents had passed away. He was not especially sad at that loss though. His parents had lived peaceful, happy lives and accomplished many things they wanted to do. From what he had been told in the letter they had died naturally in their sleep. He was glad for that at least, that they were able to spend their final moments unconscious and together.

Blue Flame kept walking silently down the street in the quiet and foggy morning. All was well in the world.
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Old memories and new friends
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