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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Eltenia Luster

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PostSubject: Eltenia Luster   Eltenia Luster I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 1:37 am

Eltenia Luster
Eltenia Luster 493-70
Tail:Dark Gray
Body:Lilac Coat
Cutie Mark:Dental rubber cup
Age (Baby adult):Young adult

Personality:Eltenia is a extremely focused pony with love in her heart for anypony, her gentleness is used to try and calm any filly.
However, take her out of her work and she is a total shy ditz around anypony she doesnt know.

Likes:Her work, having calm patients, clean teeth, and treating younger patients
Dislikes:Filth, arrogant colts, heavy rainfall, and panicking ponys

History: From when she was a mere filly Eltenia had a love for her mothers work, even after her classes the first thing she would do would be to see her mom at her work.
Her mom may not have been the most famous dentist in Canterlot, but she was happy just to have her own clinic as its head clinician.
Then when Eltenia became a teen her mothers work finally took its toll on her, opting to resign and leave the practice up to her daughter.
Eltenia took it perfectly but it didn't last as time wasn't on there side.
The clinic wasn't fully payed off due to some debts of her mothers starting life.
however in this time, the young Eltenia decided to focus on the looks of the teeth leaving the repair work to one more suited to it. Now as her goal Eltania hopes to find the luster and shine in all teeth as a hygienist, setting her sights on Ponyville

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)

It was a long day to say the least, Eltenia was tired due to a long shift and she wanted some rest, her shift was almost over and was just waiting for some rest when suddenly she hears a whimpering, coming from outside the office, rushing outside she sees a young colt sobbing on the walkway, "M-mum" he cried out not noticing Eltenia as she walked closer to him.

"hello there little one" said Eltenia with a calm and soothing voice, whats your name?" She asked calmly hoping to find out what was causing the crying.
"Mum, she was here and now she isnt" wailed the foal panicing, Eltania looked compassionate at the lad, "lets go and see about making a few phone calls young..." she faded off, she has completely forgotten to ask the colts name.
'Gaia ma'am, Gaia Sols my name" said the colt,
offering her hand Eltenia smiled, "well lets just see about finding your parents little Gaia".

After 30 mins of searching, Eltenias young secretary found the number of Gaias folks and after 15 more mins sent Gaia on his way with his folks.
Tired Eltenia may have been, but completely happy as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Eltenia Luster   Eltenia Luster I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 1:36 am

Hi Eltenia!

Your OC is approved for use. If you'd like, you could additionally consider checking to ensure that your application utilizes proper spelling and grammar. This will enable readers to understand you as clearly as possible.

Thanks. Happy posting.
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Eltenia Luster
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