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 A new life with old family (Solo)

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A new life with old family (Solo) Empty
PostSubject: A new life with old family (Solo)   A new life with old family (Solo) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2012 2:25 am

Thunderclap stood in front of the house. If he could call it a house. It was huge. It was bigger than any house Thunder had seen. Heck, it was larger than his parent's store, by quite a fair bit. He gulped, and looked down at the letter he was holding in his hooves. Yes, this was the right place. The moment of truth had arrived. He knocked nervously on the door, his tough hooves making a loud bang bang bang sound. A few moments passed, which to Thunderclap seemed like a few eternities. Soon, the large door creaked open, a young unicorn stallion standing there, dressed in a suit and tie. "Can I help you sir?" He asked, looking up and down Thunder, taking in his scruffy, dirty appearance. Thunderclap nodded and grabbed the sword that hung at his side. "I believe the owner of this lives here." He said nervously. The unicorn quickly examined the sword. He then look up to meet Thunder's eyes. "You best come with me sir. The master is expecting you." The unicorn went into the house, Thunder close behind. As he followed, the blue pegasus took in the scenery. The mansion was nothing like he expected. It was huge, seemingly bigger on the inside than the outside. Although there was a variety of decorations and other such things, Thunder's gaze was drawn to the oil paintings on the wall. His ancestors. His family. His real family, not what his father had told him. "Farmers my flank." He said. Thunder followed the unicorn down a long hallway until they came to a large set of wooden doors. "One second sir," The unicorn said as it opened the door and went in. After a few moments, the unicorn came back out. "He is reedy to see you now." He said. Thunderclap thanked the pony and went through the doors to the room on the other side. He saw a large wooden desk, with an aged, grey pegasus standing in front of it. The pegasus smiled when he saw Thunder step in, and walked over to him. The pegasus wrapped his arms around Thunderclap. "Thunderclap, oh Thunder my boy." He said, almost starting to cry. Tears welled up in Thunder's eyes too. "Grandpa. I have come to live with you." He said. The pegasus nodded and let go of Thunder. "And why is that. Not as stubborn as your father eh?" He asked. Thunder looked intently at his grandfather. "Dad lied to me. He lied to me about what I truly m. He lied to me about our family." He said, "I want to know what I am, who you are." He said. The aged pony nodded. "Well, this is your family. You are one of us. A noble born."
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A new life with old family (Solo)
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