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 Jazzin' Blues

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PostSubject: Jazzin' Blues   Jazzin' Blues I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2012 2:37 am

Jazzin Blues
Jazzin' Blues Ponay_by_ravianai-d5bmfcs
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Two toned, black and yellow all loosely brushed to one side of her head, hiding one eye
Tail: Cut short and combed to keep it from tangling, also yellow and black
Eyes: Deep red.
Body: Thin, not muscular. With velvet like fur
Cutie Mark: A sax in the shape of an eighth note
Age (Baby,adult): Late Adolescent

Personality: Jazzin Blues is a laid back pony. She prides herself on her intelligence and ability to have fun no matter the situation. One should be careful because once she starts talking she might not stop. She loves playing music and can play several instruments but her favorite to play is her prized Black and gold Saxophone. When playing music she tunes out most noise so one will really need to speak up to get her attention. Though mentioning a party of some kind will do well too.

The quickest way to get on her good side is to mention playing an instrument or actually be playing one. She also loves to jam with people. Her favorite kind if music is unquestionable Jazz, free form jazz to be exact. But she enjoys nearly all music. She has been trying, for years, to make a new sort of jazz but always seems to fail miserably. Whenever she fails one of these attempts she typically becomes quite depressed and disappointed for the next few days, along with doubting herself and her music.

She also dabbles in many other fields of art, though they aren’t nearly expert and are always very contemporary in style, enjoying electronic music and even using it instead of other players sometimes. Her biggest fear is rejection. Usually by professional Musicians that she respects but really anyone who she values the opinion of. She tends to seek and strive for the approval of someponies, usually her very, very best friends or fellow musicians. She’s never had many friends so she can be very clingy, but she means well, doesn’t cross lines after their made and never betrays trust. She would do anything for a good friend or to make one. Unfortunately it is also easy for her to be tricked into things by somepony claiming to be her friend. This has happened several times to her, making the poor mare easily manipulated, but she always bounces back eventually.

Likes: Music, Reeds, Jazz, Blues. Classical Music, Modern Music.
Dislikes: Being alone, people touching her instruments, broken reeds.

History: Jazz was born to an trombone playing mare and a trumpet playing unicorn stallion. These were the first two instruments Jazzin learned to play. By the time she was in school she could play both of them and had moved on to several others, she eventually learned how to play all the instruments you’d expect to see in a concert band along with several string instruments. But above all other things she plays her saxophone extremely well. She practiced it day in and out, though she had to play a bit less when her grades fell, not because she wanted to but because her parents forced her to.

By the time she was in high school she was into high school she had started attending certain classes at Canterlot’s school for musically gifted ponies. But in every class unrelated she was doing miserably. It was about this time that she entered a talent show, showing off her skills at playing saxophone. She won by a tight margin but never the less learned that she loved performing. She gained her cutie mark that night during the performance. Jazzin has never really had many friends, her life has been too focused on music. She has had one or two very, very close friends and that’s about it. At what should have been the end of high sciil her parents decided that it was best to make her retake a year so she could improve her grades, even if just a bit. She disagreed vehemently but her opinion wasn’t even taken into consideration.

She ran away. Deciding that she would find her own way into College by showing everyone how good she was. By being the best musician in Equestria. She knew she would have to pull of something big and currently travels all over Equestria getting gigs. She also plays on the streets while traveling for extra money. While trying to make a new kind of music and prove herself to someone that could get her the sort of gig to give her a 100% free scholarship to a Musical college or as close to it as possible.

Example RP segment:
Jazzin looked about. she had just walked into town of appleloosa and, as usual, was looking for a place in need of musical entertainment. After all, she wasn’t good at much but music. Sure she was smart but there just weren’t many jobs that used her talents, not that she enjoyed anyways. Music was her passion. There just had to be some sort of place here that liked jazz. If not...well, she supposed she could just perform on the streets. She always got a few bits from that at the least.

She trotted into the nearest restaurant and walked calmly up to the counter ”Hey, I was wondering if you would like to hire a musician to play tonight around dinner time?” she said nervously. The waitress looked at her skeptically and in a strong country accent ”Ya know this place only serves breakfast’n’lunch right?” Jazzin’s ears and head lowered with embarrassment as she slowly backed out of the store ”Oh, sorry.” she said before exiting, well that had been embarrassing.

She used her magic to unhook her saxophone case from her side and opened it. Quickly assembling the instrument. Street performing it was. She needed money for a place sleep after all. As she began playing many ponies turned their head to watch. After an hour or two of playing the girl from the restaurant came out said ”Mah manager said that if you show up tommora’ at noon you can play durin’ lunch and get some bits.”

Jazzin’s eyes widened and she hugged the mare ”Thank you so much, I’ll be there early!” she shouted excitedly. Maybe a bit too touchy feely for the waitress as she pushed jazzin away and went back inside. Jazzin blushed and walked away happily. This time tomorrow she would have another gig under her belt and be that much closer to the gig that would show everyone how good she really was.
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Jazzin' Blues
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