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 Suspicious Package's store and home

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PostSubject: Suspicious Package's store and home   Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:27 pm

Suspicious Package's House And Workplace
Destination of house:
Manehattan slums, a few blocks away from the market district
Address you want:
1037 Bloodline Way
Number of rooms:
Number of stories:
1 (+ basement)
*First Floor*
Main "store," living room, Suspicious Package's room, bathroom
*Second Floor*
Storeroom, basement (main room), saferoom
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
*First Floor*
Suspicious Package's home is quite simple, a medium-sized house stuck between two others, a bit bigger than an average apartment. The front door leads into the main "store" where he puts up any merchandise he might have "found." The room takes up about half of the first floor, and mostly consists of arranged shelves displaying just about anything you can imagine. Opposite of the front door is the door to the main living room, containing two couches and a small bar at one side. To the left from the living room door is a bathroom, and to the right is Suspicious Package's room, which is usually more messy than the rest of the place, and mostly just contains a bed, a few dressers and shelves, and some other common furniture. This is also where the stairs are located that go to the basement.
The main room of the basement is about as big as Suspicious Package's living room, and is mostly taken up by a large pool table/minibar in the center, and has large bookshelves around the walls of the room, mostly filled with books and trinkets. This is usually where Suspicious Package will take "customers" who need some less legal merchandise. To one wall is a door that leads to a small storeroom, where Suspicious Package keeps any unique or surplus equipment, or anything that needs to be picked up. One of the bookshelves, opposite of the stairs, can be swiveled to reveal a door to a saferoom that Suspicious Package keeps in case something bad happens or one of his friends or contacts need a place to stay or hide.
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Suspicious Package's store and home
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