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 Ave's Little Place

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PostSubject: Ave's Little Place   Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:31 pm

Ave's Little Place
Destination of house:Ponyville
Area:Ponyville houses
Address you want:Coltstreet 19
No. of rooms:4
How many stories:2
Which rooms: Bed/personal room. Dining/living/kitchen/entry-room, restroom, Roof
List the rooms and their size and appearance:

From the outside it's a white colored House with a flat roof made of Hay. The second story is in open air, as it has no walls.
The door is simple brown wood, unpainted.

upon entry, you come into the Room which covers pretty much everything except for personal things.
There's a kitchen by one wall and a table attached to the other, with only enough room for 1 pony to work the kitchen, and 2 ponies to sit at the dinner table.
The kitchen is minimal, with everything stored in one or two cabinets and a special cabinet for food storage. Besides that there's a sink and a special little tub in which you can put wood for a cooking fire.
There's a special cabinet which also can be opened from above.
Everything is made from wood, not being high quality expensive carpentry but simple craft and unpainted.
besides that there's one large cozy seat, a door leading back outside (of course) a door to the personal room and lastly a small door to the equally small restroom.

Bed/personal room:
The bedroom is again small, as if it were just a bed with a little space that is used for a desk and chair.
The bed itself is as simple as practical possible with a brown blanket and pillow, which are both very comfy.
Items and books all stand on shelves which are mounted on the walls, which a pony needs to stretch to get.

Back outside is a ladder to the second story, which is the flat roof of the building itself, supporting an extra hay roof to protect the laundry which is hanging here.
On this open roof, everything needed for laundry and all other necesary chores rest.
The floor of the roof is made mostly from cement with wood supports here and there and one wooden trapdoor which leads to the cabinet in the kitchen.
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Ave's Little Place
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