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 Summer Sun

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Skittles Kat

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PostSubject: Summer Sun   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:51 pm

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Puffy curly lime green and soft yellow highlights.
Tail: Same as the mane.
Eyes: A baby pink color.
Body: Short and thin, tan/peachy color.
Cutie Mark: A daisy flower.
Age (Baby,adult): Teen to Young Adult

Personality: Summer Sun called Summer or Sunny is a very honest, bubbly and bright pony, also caring and easily distracted. She has very high self-esteem. But when somepony is in trouble she is very serious.

Likes: sweets, nature, flowers, making friends, helping out, caring for animals, playing outdoors.
Dislikes: bugs, darkness, arguments, lying.

History: Summer was born in Ponyville where she still lives. She grew up without any love and care, her father was always out of the town and her mum was always busy with something, if it wasn't work it would be gardening. So Summer decided to take actions. She became more sociable and she made friends very easily, that's how she compensated the fact that she didn't have her parents around often. She was always out, playing with her friends.
When she grew up most of her best friends moved away, she decided it was time to find something to do. So she tried various hobbies, but none of them got her a cutie mark, then Summer went to water her mother's garden, it was like she could get thing off her mind, caring for the garden. That's when she understood that it her talent was to care for flower. That's how she got her cutie mark.

Example RP segment:
Summer was walking down the Manehettan street. It was a very warm and sunny day and everypony was up to something exciting, but Summer Sun was just enjoying the morning, being careless as always. Suddenly she had a big mood swing when she noticed that a bully was picking on a baby pony. She approached the bully, but before she could say something, the bully turned to her.
"What are you looking at, shorty?" The bully took a try insulted Summer, but she didn't seem to be offended.
"You." She proudly announced and poked his chest.
"What's your problem? Want to know how to grow more?" He laughed, trying to get advantage in their little argument.
"I don't have a problem. But I guess you do." She stood up and stepped forward, while the bully started to noticeably kneel.
All the baby ponies around were seeing this as a battle between good and evil, Sun shouldn't lose this.
"You should pick somebody your own size. It's not *cool* picking on little children, it only frightens them and it doesn't prove you are better than them, so I suggest you stop and find something better to do!" She said in a very demanding, but low voice.
She then gracefully landed on her front hooves and smiled at the bully, who had a priceless look on his face. Not letting him speak, she continued to talk, finishing her speech. " Sorry for being so mean to you, but somepony had to tell that to you." She apologized.
"It's okay, Thanks actually." The bully didn't smile, but he was grateful to Summer Sun.

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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sun   Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:00 pm

Approved. *Grin*
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Skittles Kat

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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sun   Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:09 pm

Thanks :P!
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sun   

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Summer Sun
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