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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: SummerRain   SummerRain I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 7:47 pm

SummerRain Summerrain
Gender: Female
Mane:Cyan streaked with a slightly darker shade of blue
Tail: Matches Mane
Eyes:Soft shade of blue
Body: SummerRain is a rather small pegasis, she is sometimes mistaken for a much younger pony. Despite her small size she is very well built makeing her a strong flyer as well as runner.
Cutie Mark: 3 little raindrops
Age (Baby,adult):Teen or young adult

Personality:SummerRain other wise known as Summer or Rain is a rather shy individual, but sadly her shyness is normally mistaken for rude or argent. On most days the pony tends to keep to herself keeping in the sky to avoid others. When she is on the ground her eyes seem to always stay glued to her hooves, with her shoulders hunched slightly and her strides quick and silent. If one were to speak to her there is a chance Rain wont say much possibly just stair blankly back, in hopes the stranger would just leave her be. But at times it seems as if her silent treatment only comes across at rude or arrogant, and just causes more talking to be shot in her direction, still she would not say a word unless it was absolutely necessary for her to do so. Normally this behavior is reserved for those she doesn't know or feels threatened around so if one were to be considered safe or other wise a friend Rain would be a bit more present.

To Ponies whom annoy Rain they will receive a different kind of treatment, upon greeting they will receive not a blank look but a look of death. Not taking annoying Ponies very well is one of her flaws, she will not hesitate to put those she deems unworthy in there place..

Yet Rain does have another side to her, she has a very big heart for those who are willing to take the time to get to know her and accept the fact she is not exactly the most open of books. Ponies can find she is normal just extremely finicky, but instead of seeming shy she just comes across as rude.

To those whom accept and love her Rain will do anything to protect them, she would bend over back words just to see a smile on their faces.

Likes:Friends, books,flying,and birds.
Dislikes:Strangers, jerks, the dark.

History:Born in Manehattan SummerRain was brought up in the household of her aunt Cloudshimmer and her uncial Goldcoin she didn't exactly fit in one could say ,but she was loved. Unlike her mothers sister she never really enjoyed the prim and proper lifestyle, she was more into having her head in the clouds then her hooves in dainty little shoes that made her as her uncial would have said 'elegant'.

It didnt take everyone very long to realize Rain was not the type of pony that could have her wings bound, sure she was shy and never talked back but everyone could see she longed to be in a place open and free. It pained Cloud to tell her adopted daughter that a proper pony did not dream of such absurd things, so one day when she thought Rain could finally handle herself she let her go. Rain didn't have her cutie mark the time and that troubled many, maybe Manehattan wasn't the place for her so giving her the money she needed and a map they sent her off.

SummerRain traveled for a long time never quite settling down, she was nearly full grown the day she finally found out her talent. One day flying in the sky she saw an area that was dry and slowly dieing the plants and animals were surely suffering so using her weather pony powers she brought about a soft cool rain that washed away the thirst of the land, she worked for nearly a month trying to get that little spot to look as good a new and when it did she noticed 3 raindrops appear on her flank. It was one of the happiest days of her life, she brought life to a place with out words and with only her kindness.

Finally she knew what she was going to do, Rain was going to she was going to continue to travel till she found the place that was right for her and offer her help to those who needed it. Maybe she wouldn't be direct with her help but she was going to offer it, to see the joy of the ponies and the land was all she really wanted.

Example RP segment: 2. A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

SummerRain sat silently under a row of trees, the mind of the young pony was racing the word love kept popping up in it. What was love? Sure she understood it was the feeling she felt towards her family but to love a colt? What was that like? They were questions she could not seem to find the answers to, she never really stayed in one place long enough to make friends or have a relationship with a colt. Why was this happening?

On her way into town that morning Rain was stopped by a young colt she had learned to be called Luckystone. Rain had only said a few words to him since her arrival in the little town, only enough to ask his name and get directions, so she would have never guess what he was going to say to her that morning. He had confessed his love for her, at first she was in shock and found herself frozen in fear.....fear of what to say that is. So quickly she ran away, it wasn't the right thing to do but she had no choice she was scared and when Rain finder herself frightened she always runs.

Letting out a soft sigh Rain looked up into the clouds she knew it was time to go, he had proven to her she had stayed far to long. Slowly getting to her hooves she opened her wings and lifted herself out form under the tree and into the clear sky, she saw the colt running towards her from down the path....He called her name...She closed her eyes and quickly flew away.

'Forgive me,'

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PostSubject: Re: SummerRain   SummerRain I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 11:40 pm

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