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 Silver Wing

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Silver Wing

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PostSubject: Silver Wing   Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:05 pm

Silver Wing

Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Medium length; Silver with a golden streak
Tail: Medium length; silver with a golden streak
Eyes: Silver
Body: Average weight, tallish.
Cutie Mark: A silver lighning bolt and wing
Age (Baby,adult): Teen

Personality: Silver is full of himself. He loves a challenge and would race any Pegasus pony who said they were better. Silver wing prides himself in speed, practicing his flying everyday for long periods of time. He rarely has time to relax, his training schedule as well as his normal duties around town not leave much time for anything but eating and sleeping. He's going to visit Ponyville soon. He wants to challenge Rainbow Dash to a race. Despite his ego he is very kind. Whenever he wins a race he treats his opponent to a meal. He hates to see someone cry and would do anything to stop them.

-Winning races against other Pegasus ponies.
-Getting attention.
- losing at anything
- Rainy days (Can't train!)
- Being ignored.

History: Silver Wing was born on the outskirts of Ponyville. Even as a baby he was the fastest flyer in his class. His dream is to become a Wonderbolt. He spent his childhood racing against his father, training to become faster than before. As he grew up he began to outwing his father by more and more until the old stallion couldn't keep up with his son. At this point the now teenaged Silver Wing had recieved his cutie mark which was a silver lightning bolt with a single silver wing. Having run out of competition around his house he decide to head off to Ponyville, he had heard a few Pegasus' lived there and after challenging them perhaps he'd find out where other Pegasus ponies lived and go there. He really wants to prove to everyone that he's the best so that one day his dream of becoming a Wonderbolt could be acheived.

Example RP segment:
Silver Wing was trotting through the streets of Ponyville, looking around at all the new sites. His ears perked up as he heard a child's cry. He looked around, searching for the source. At last he spotted a young foal huddled in a corner sobbing. Concerned he walked over, wondering what could be wrong. "Hello," he said as softly as he could, not wanting to frieghten the child more.
The foal sniffled and looked at him, eyes wide with fear. "What's wrong?" Silver asked, smiling kindly to avoid scaring the foal further. "I'm l-lost..." the foal sobbed, covering his face with his hooves, "I can't find my mommy! What if I n-never see her again?" Silver lowered his haunches onto the ground beside the little boy, "Shh.. I'll help you find her. Can you tell me what she looks like?"
The foal sniffled, "I... My mama is light yellow.. and she has a chocolate colored mane... Can you really help me find her mister?" The foal sniffled again. Silver nodded and gave him a reassuring smile and stood up, "Come with me and we'll go find her." The young foal stood up and followed Silver out onto the street. Silver looked around as they walked until he spotted a Guardpony. "Come this way," he said to the foal behind him.
The foal trotted behind him with tearful eyes. Silver couldn't imagine how scared he must be. Silver trotted up to the Guardpony and cleared his throat to get his attention, "Hello, my name is Silver Wing and as I was walking down the street I found this very frieghtened little boy. He's lost his mother, it seems. He described her as a light yellow with a chocolate mane. Do you know somepony by that description." The Gaurdpony looked pleased, "Why that was very kind of you to help this young foal. And I do know his mother in fact she's right inside there, " the Guardpony motioned to the building behind him, "She came to me distraught and scared, looking for her son who wondered off. I was just about to go look for him myself until you came along. I'll go get her for you."
The Guardpony walked up the stairs and opened the door, calling the mare inside out. The sound of running hooves filled the air before she burst past the Guardpony with tearfilled eyes, "Oh my baby!" she cried out with joy. She ran over and snatched up the little boy and hugged him, "Don't ever scare mommy like that again!" The foal sobbed and hugged his mother, "I'm sorry mama! I didn't mean too." "Shh.. It's okay, baby..." the mare said softly hugging her child tightly.
She set her son down and turned to silver, "Oh thank you! If it wasn't for you.. Nopony knows what could have happened to my baby!" The mare clopped over to Silver and gave him one of the tightest hugs he'd ever had. "You're welcome," Silver smiled, "Anypony would have done the same. It was only natural that I help him." The mare kissed both his cheeks, "Thank you so much, I will never forget this day." With that the mare and her son walked away down the street, careful not to lose one another again.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Wing   Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:17 pm

Looks like a bit of a copy of Rainbow Dash, and you are the third pony with the first name Silver to date (theLars and myself have the other two), but this app is good.


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Silver Wing
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