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 Due next week at the beginning of class.

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PostSubject: Due next week at the beginning of class.   Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:45 pm

Stormy washed his hooves in the school's bathroom as he used some of the soap to fix his thick, curly mess of hair. He had arrived at the school early before class in hopes to just fritter around till either the bell rang or something interesting happened. His friend Gale had been transferred to a different school, which had crushed Stormy that he wouldn't be able to spend the good times with Gale. Though they would be able to hangout after school and meet up on the walk home. So it wasn't a total lost.

He did a few smiles in the mirror for practice. He even added a frown and a goofy face for good measure. He had been really trying to work on a solid smile that would fit him and he had hope his pictures for photo day wouldn't look so silly.

He left the bathroom with a jolly demeanor as swung his saddlebag on and picked up his black saxophone case in his mouth. He began just walking about looking at the layout of the school for the fun of it as he hummed. "♫♪ ♪♫"
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Due next week at the beginning of class.
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