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PostSubject: Flat   Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:23 am

Funfact's Flat
Destination of house: Torttingham
Area: Torttingham
Adress you want: Jog street. Apartment seven.
No. of rooms: Five.
How many stories: It's on the second floor. So two stories, though he doesn't own the other flats.
Which rooms: Living room, Study, Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen.
List the rooms and their size and appearance:

Living room: The floor was a rich wood, polished with a white rug with little flowery designs on it. What stood above it was a low standing table with various things atop it. Facing either side was two white love seats. Behind the one to the left of the door when you enter is navy blue curtains that if drew back show a tall window.

Kitchen: Connecting to the living room, only being deed it's own place by the small counter between them sits fridge with tan color too it. The dining table is stacked with books and half opened letters, and at times a plate or cup. Also a few legos.

Study: When you enter you will see a wide half circle window with a divider in the middle, that seem to look like a cropped peace sign with the parts that split off were removed. It showed the street below a perfect clarity, at the moment was covered with outside drapes, but you remember seeing if you have passed on that area and looked up. As you walk in you come in almost immediately in contact with a luxurious red sofa, diagonal to it is a very comfy green therapist chair. The two pieces of furniture in their attention that a desk that had the painting of a very contemporary piece that seem to depict more than likely the amount of lies that could be in a pony. the window was covered in on the inside by red velvet, almost stage like curtains. The rug was a checkered mix of brown, rusty reddish orange and tan. A lamp that seemed to look like little vines held up a glowing orb. Also above the window there was a light pointed out to brightly illuminate the ceiling. Above the painting were two speakers that seem to be used as book holders. On the floor was a pile of white boxes stacked almost 3 ponies high. Revealing the edge of the door which was more likely a closet. A nice desk tops off this place he often sits in for days at a time.

Bathroom: The tub is deep and in the shape of oval with two shower head facing either way to hit you. A sink with toothbrushes and small cabinet for bandages with there as the wall had a long mirror across it. Also a rubber ducky stands guard for when Funfact is away.

Bedroom( Not Awake Room As Funfact calls it): It has one bed with desk facing it again the wall, which is covered with puzzles and fact books, anything really he found to be need of his attention. His wardrobe sits a few inchs shy of his bed where it hung his many Cravats and needed attires.

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