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 The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)

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PostSubject: The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:03 pm

Each place on the forum tends to lean more or less toward a different setting and theme of RP. Some places are happy and simple slices of life. Others are dark and dangerous. Some are a little mix of both with a sprinkle of crazy. Here is a guide to know what to expect for when you are looking at where you want to put your pony, or are making a pony for the kind of place you want to go.

Ponyville- This place is kind of a jack of trades. A little bit of everything, but nothing in excess. Some ponies are happy, others can have their own issues and backgrounds that are not all flowers and sunshine. This place is the most populated with RPers. Its also going to be the most demanding on keeping to the shows canon. Being the focus of the show, its natural that it has to maintain that atmosphere.

Canterlot- Here is where most higher class families and wealthy ponies live. Prosperity here is great. So are politics. Slice of life along with the potential strife of rich ponies living lives above others.

Manehattan- This place is like New York, or for an even darker outlook, Gotham City. This city is not your granny's neighborhood. There are poor ponies and homeless. Organised crime exists, and city life is hard if you are not in the upper class or are in politics. This is a good place for those with grimdark urban themes in mind.

Trottingham- This is more a large town/small city on the coast. While it is similar to Ponyville, it is mostly simple slice of life role play. Day to day on goings of ponies and their interactions with each other. While other places have this too, this is all that is expected here, and is not recommended for RPers that have yet to establish their own level of social interaction RP. Simple slice of RP is hard to be interesting if you are not sure how to do it in an interesting manner.

Appleloosa- The wild west. While it sometimes can be drawn out and slow, there is the danger of lawlessness always about somewhere. While there are safer areas of Appleloosa, edges of it still have less than desirable ponies in it. Crime is not common inside the town, but once outside it, all is fair game. The area can be expanded to Dodge City as well. This setting is pretty much a classic cowboy setting. Anyone seeking this is welcome here.

Cloudsdale- While sparsely populated currently, this is mostly a pegasus area naturally. Some exceptions maybe being gifted unicorns that can provide cloud walking abilities, but it is not a common skill. Considering the pegasus population on the site, many RPers could go here if they seek something different. You are encouraged to do so and make Cloudsdale a living city.

Other places- If there is a city or location you want to RP in that does not exist yet, you can simply post here with it in the title. If it gets enough attention or support, an admin may make it into its own sub forum.
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PostSubject: Re: The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)   Mon May 06, 2013 10:21 pm

What about Las Pegasus? That might be an interesting place...
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PostSubject: Re: The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:43 am

Oh, maybe Pinto Creek? There should be another place that fits into both rural and country.
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PostSubject: Re: The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)   Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:23 pm

We only go off of what happens (Canon) in the show ^^ It is still a nice idea!
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PostSubject: Re: The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)   

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The Town/Cities and their RP themes (Read)
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