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 Blackest Day

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PostSubject: Blackest Day   Blackest Day I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2012 9:34 pm

Here is the first part of a Green Lantern story I'm writing called Blackest Day. Now I know it has no ponies, but I did not read anything that said it must be pony related. If people like my work enough, I may put up a pony story. (P.S. This is an AU story.)

Space. Khar always found it peaceful. The vast black emptiness was strangely soothing. No stimulus, no worries. The stars, nebulae, and galaxies creating a beautiful sight that not even the planet of Odym, wondrous as it is, could match it. Khar almost lost himself in the vastness of space, almost forgot he was here on a mission. A very important mission. Intel he had received from the Guardians told him of a very powerful and dangerous rebel was loose in his sector. Khar continued to scan with his eyes, while his ring scanned for any traces of emotional energy. Suddenly, Khar caught something out of the corner of his eye. A streak of red, a bright contrast to the black backdrop of space. Whether or not it was what he was looking for, it still seemed like it was worth investigating. Khar raised his right fist ahead of him, his ring glowing brightly. He quickly flew towards the red light, which was moving at an incredible speed. The light around Khar's ring grew brighter as he picked up speed, hoping to intercept the crimson object. As he got closer, he could make out its shape. It was humanoid, but much larger than him, at least twice Khar's size. On it's large, hulking fist, he wore a ring. A red ring. The creature was enveloped in a red light, the same light that was emanating from its ring. "A Red Lantern." Khar thought, "These guys are dangerous, I gotta take him down, and fast." Knowing it might be a while before he caught up with the Red Lantern, Khar decided to grab it's attention. A beam of light flew from Khar's ring and struck the crimson beast in the back. The lantern howled and turned around. It stared directly at Khar, it's yellow eyes glaring, and breathing heavily. Red napalm leaked from in between its jaws, ready to burn anything that gets in its way. Khar had encountered the napalm before, remembering vividly as it burned through one of his fellow Lanterns. The Red Lantern charged towards Khar. "Grnn….Lantern…Kill!" It yelled, bringing its ring forward. Khar reacted quickly. A large fist was projected from his ring, sideswiping the stampeding beast. The Red Lantern was sent tumbling trough space. It quickly righted itself, and charged Khar again. Khar wanted to end this quickly, just in case it got out of hand. Khar raised his ring, and shackles of energy wrapped around the Red Lantern's arms and legs. This, however, only seemed to enrage the creature even more. It continued flying, napalm flying from its mouth. Khar smoothly sidestepped the burning liquid, a glowing sword of light appearing in his hand. As the Red Lantern got closer, Khar stepped forward and drove his sword through the beast's heart. The Lantern continued to incomprehensibly yell at Khar. Khar knew the sword would not kill the Lantern, as Red Lanterns do not require their heart, the red ring now serving to pump the tainted blood through its veins. Khar then brought the sword up in one clean stroke, cutting from the heart, all the way to the top of the Lantern's head. The life left the beat's eyes, and the body went limp. Khar's sword disappeared as he flew back a couple of feet, as the Lanterns burning blood spilled out in front of him. The crimson ring flew off the creatures finger. It flew off into the blackness of space. "Red Lantern of Space Sector 2975 Deceased. Searching for Replacement." A voice said, coming from the ring. Khar smiled smugly and shook his head. "Oh no you're not!" He said, firing a beam at the retreating ring. The ring shattered. Khar brushed off his suit. "Didn't get to ruined, despite fighting a Red Lantern." He fiddled with the ring on his finger. A yellow ring. Khar raised up contact frequencies with his ring. "This is Khar, Yellow Lantern Sector 2975. The rebel was a Red Lantern. He was terminated and his ring destroyed." A voice then came from his ring. "Affirmative, Khar. The guardians have been alerted to your success. Return to Oa for debriefing." The voice said. Khar nodded. "Ring?" He said, "Power levels?" A robotic voice came from his ring. "Power levels, 15 percent." Khar nodded. He needed more power in order to return to Oa. He raised his ring, and retrieved his lantern, which had been hanging from his belt. "In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light! Let those who try t stop whats right, burn like their power, Guardian's might!"
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Blackest Day
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