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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Martingale Neighfarious

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PostSubject: Martingale Neighfarious   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:25 am

Martingale Neighfarious


Gender: Colt

Species: Pegasus

Mane: White covers the edges of his ears like a halo in the sea of light tan brown that his coat expresses. His mane is styled in a straight cut path of black wildfire that runs from his forehead to the bottom of his neck with bits of white patches on the lower end. His snout is a white white cap around his mouth till it faded to light brown, which then goes on towards the middle and fades to a pale brown.

Tail: Black as the ash the falls from a volcano.

Eyes: Fossil amber in nature.

Body: His legs are jet black up till a little over the knees where they become part of the pale brown of his body. Standing at 4’5 is height, weighing at a 112 pounds. His taupe cap has pockets to set his wings which keeps the cape in a fixed position. His light beautifully designed ultramarine blue and grey shaded suit with a purple trim to hold it together. Overlapping stash sheets this ornate light armor has depicted scenes of his family's legacy. The saddle is a black velvet, smooth like those ropes you feel when waiting in line to higher end club. The back has a slot to allow his hair to stick out and covers the entire of his back of his neck.

Cutie Mark: Banner sigil of his house

Age: Adult.

Personality: Lacking compassionate would be a trait found him in abundance, save the few actions he has done when it fit his purposes. You could say he is highly intelligent, but you would first need to define what high intelligence is. Is homeschooling where you sat alone for long hours taking tests with teachers paid saddle bags of bits to teach obscure knowledge not even worth discussing with fellow nobles. As you try up most pretend your full attention wasn’t to feel the numbing of their good wine? Is he smart for understanding how the subtle games of high class and politics worked and how you could abuse them. If so you could say this is the case. He has been known to donate to charities before the, though they were purely for appearance and tax cuts. He to the untrained public eye saw a refined poniitarian, a natural teacher of justice and someone you want to bring your counsel too. Though really he had caused the arguments between the friends, using the word justice with his own twisted meaning and using the secrets you confided him against you.

Likes: Good soup, 70% orchard grass and 30% alfalfa hay, having someone read to him, high arts and lower pleasures, music with bells in it, knowing what time it is, flying, thrilling discussion, the fleeting moment of fear in another’s eyes, watching fencing, racing and getting back at those who wronged him.

Dislikes: Sickness, powerlessness, loss of wings, the smell of sour things, washer machines that shake, howling and mercenaries.

History: He was taught from a young age the pony race was built upon control. That naturally creatures must have the relationship of a master and servant, or the other more extreme names that his family considered banned from usage do to their emotion bondage to them. His cutie mark arose upon one afternoon where he was tested to where his allegiances were when he was faced to betray a 'friend' or his family. He chose his to betray the friend for family which gave him the means to start his small empire. Quickly considering the complex maze of politics he was close to getting his ear to the side of the princesses, till it all fell apart when his grandmare passed. The colt had played a trick on his family and moved the bits and ownership of land to the city, making them nobles with now limited power as the money dried up the nobles families use this to snuff them out. Happy to lose a enemy like them. Losing everything he grew into a anger for a time, till a thought came to his mind that changed things.. He decided this could be a opportunity that has arose from the fires of his old life. He behind his quest of 'collecting' his right as the eldest son of whatever was left behind that dear old grandmare didn't take.

Example RP segment: It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

{A credible and humble request was sent from word of mouth around the town a colt with a profoundly winsome manner of dropping bits for simple jobs. A few mercenaries had already were employed in his service and sent off to do their jobs with a impressionistic pouch of bits.}

Martingale Neighfarious as promised sat at a ruined bench in the bar where once the ponies enjoyed playing music as the dance there common torts and partook in laughter. The night soaked the ground to make the dirt roads a disgusting dark brown where you could hear the ponies cloven feet suckling into it's sickly mess. He must admit only to his inner thoughts It was pleasant compared to the hot day where he had retired to indoors and slept remarkable amount of the time to return to average sleep schedule. He simply refused to have even a bit of tried in him when doing business with a mercenary. One wrong look or slip of tongue makes them think you some sort of sandal and they are quit to flee.

For such actions to occur would leave a nasty hole in his advancement and it would spreed like wild fire to the other ponies, making him a bad omen and his bit carry some Zebra cruse. Had their prejudge have no shame? He could spend weeks paying off and putting out fires like in the old days. He didn't have unlimited supply of money. His sizable amount from selling musty old paintings and silvers too greedy lords in the beginning of that unpleasant circumstantial events of the past.

Not that he didn't have plenty of edges that he often aligned himself with to command attentions. The watch made a tapping sound each time the arm slide over the 12. He had been remaining almost as still as a statue as he waited. He was told that bizarre and ghastly creatures would often roam in hopes of a snack in a forest far off. He found interesting how reflective it was.

They living in constant struggle and they learned to survive, which currently the pony race is so obvious too. Even a attack upon the capital has them laying there heads to bed with their simple thoughts. The weeding of the stupid and nonredeemable kinds should enacted had they not their uses. Mumbling and bumbling around like scared foals till a series of events transpired allowing to think clearly. He would be ready for when they needed a voice to follow.

For better then the one who cast them in the dark to lead them out? He loved that moment that seem so long and so recently happened. That single moment when his mind was a glow stick. Snapped to make it shine so clearly. Where a future hidden was now seen.

A impossibility till the thought came to mind. "I will claim myself erudite in saying not a soul decided to show." He slightly lifted himself slowly to leave. A few rough I suppose would the characteristic on their faces he would care to acknowledge asked him if he care for a drinking contest for his cape. He turned with satisfaction as he took the chair from his table and sat. "I shall require a similar return if I am to win." They filled the drinks as a small, unnoticeable wicked in nature smile creeps for a fleeting moment on his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Martingale Neighfarious   Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:45 am


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Martingale Neighfarious
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