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PostSubject: Frangipani   Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:31 pm


Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: A light blonde with streaks of light green, her mane is fairly short, wavy, and floppy, usually half-flopped into her face.

Tail: It's naturally wavy and bulky, and the same blonde as her mane, but it's so long it gets in the way. As such, she puts it in a neat braid, as pictured above.

Eyes: Dark Green

Body: Frangipani is entirely light brown in color. She's slightly taller and bulkier than your average mare, and as a result she has often been mistaken for a stallion at a glance. She doesn't actually seem to mind.

Cutie Mark: A plumeria within a green square within a gold diamond. She uses the same symbol as the sign for her tea wagon.

Age (Baby,adult): A young adult (perhaps slightly older than the Mane 6)

Personality: Frangipani is quite strange, and most ponies find her kind of creepy with her blank stare and slight, sing-song accent. She's very quiet, mostly because she knows that when she makes conversation it tends to put other ponies off. When she does choose to say something, it either comes out stilted and awkward or just plain nonsensical. She can often be spotted chatting away to various plants without a problem, though, particularly the small plumeria tree that she keeps at the front of her tea wagon. She seems to think that they're all actual ponies, which is... worrisome, to say the least. She's eccentric and laid back to a fault, often not realizing when something is dangerous or not quite socially acceptable. She's very good with little fillies because they find her strangeness funny rather than off-putting. Despite how odd other ponies find her, she loves helping them in any way she can. It's why she's pulling a tea wagon at all, after all.

Likes: tea, plants, flowers, music, naps, adventure stories, sunshine, rain, traveling, and seeing other ponies happy.

Dislikes: Big cities, cruelty, dead things, sickness, and a tense or otherwise unhappy atmosphere.

History: Frangipani, with her strange name and stranger accent, was the only child born to a unicorn-earth pony couple from... somewhere. She'll never give a straight answer for where exactly she came from, but most ponies assume it's somewhere abroad, outside of Equestria. In any case, Frangi and her family apparently traveled the world as herbalists, collecting plants, remedies, and recipes wherever they went. Like her unicorn father, Frangi had a great affinity for nature magic, and exhibited a spectacular green hoof by making a plumeria tree bloom in the dead of winter. That was also the occasion that caused her cutie mark to appear. Happily, the family continued to wander the world, and their adventures got bigger, bolder, and farther from home...
Years later, as a mare just barely old enough to be on her own, Frangi showed up in a coastal town within Equestria, with nothing but a potted plumeria seedling and a saddlebag full of various seeds. When asked about her parents by older ponies who remembered a previous visit, she would just shake her head. She threw herself into brewing teas, drinks, and herbal remedies of all kinds for anyone who needed or wanted them, eventually making a business of it and earning the Bits she needed to live comfortably. However, her childhood of wandering wouldn't let her settle down, so she bought an old travel wagon from a retiring salespony and took her plants and her life on the road. She has been wandering Equestria serving tea ever since.
Frangi's plumeria seedling is a small tree, now, but she still takes it with her wherever she goes, even modifying her tea wagon to accommodate it. She claims her best tea uses its petals and that's why she keeps it around, but the fact that she's often heard talking to it says otherwise.

Example RP segment: (Scenario 1)

Frangi finally came to her next destination just as the sun was setting. The Tea Wagon's wheels creaked as she strained forward on the dirt road. If she had known this morning that a wheel was going to break halfway to the next town and delay her, she would have left hours earlier instead of going to market...
She suddenly turned and glared at the short plumeria branch looming slightly behind her. "I heard that, Elilai! I know you told me to leave earlier, but I needed to replace the kettle! If you hadn't been nagging me to leave, I could have gotten some new cups..." The wind swayed the branch slightly. "Fine, laugh away! As soon as we get into town, I am going to sleep!" Frangi normally wasn't so short with anypony, let alone her beloved plants, but she was dead tired and the stress of the day was getting to her. She just wanted some tea and her sleeping mat.
As she finally came to a stop beside a fountain in the center of town, Frangi unharnessed herself from The Tea Wagon. As she did so, she heard a soft sniffling come from the other side.
What in the world...? She thought, trotting around the fountain to investigate. A small filly, too small to be out by herself, was covering her eyes and crying. "My goodness! Why are you out here all alone, child?" she exclaimed. The filly looked up in surprise, tears still in her eyes.
"I... I got lost. I can't find my house, o-or my mommy..." she said between hiccups. Frangi smiled at her warmly.
"Is that all? That sort of thing is easily fixed! Finding lost things isn't so terrible, especially when you have help. That's what my rosemary plants say, anyway. Do you want some tea? You shouldn't be upset when you are looking for somepony important."
The filly followed Frangi cautiously to the wagon, and soon she had drunk two cups of peppermint tea and was asking questions about every plant inside. Frangi even introduced her to Elilai before they left to search for the filly's mother.
It was a long search, with the filly on her back as she knocked on every door in town. After a few lucky houses that knew the filly's family, Frangi finally knocked on the right door and the filly leaped from her back.
"Pepper Berry!" The mother nuzzled her child lovingly, nearly crying herself. Frangi slowly drew away. By the time the filly began explaining about the weird plant lady that had brought her home, Frangi was already around the corner. There was no reason for her to stay and spoil the reunion with her strangeness. She was just glad that the filly had gotten home safely to her family. It made everyone that much happier.

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PostSubject: Re: Frangipani   Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:30 am

"Coastal city of Equestria"

Equestria is a country, not a city-- and I think you already know that as you mention Equestria as a country later on.

Other than that, Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Frangipani   Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:46 am

Sorry, I'll edit that. My sentence structure was very awkward there, I meant a coastal town *within* Equestria.
Thank you so much!
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PostSubject: Re: Frangipani   

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