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 Cutie Mark Specialist

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PostSubject: Cutie Mark Specialist   Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:16 pm

Dustheart sat behind her desk in the small office she had bought to help ponies with their cutie marks.
"Okay, I can help foals get their cutie marks. Or I could treat the cutie pox, I heard about an outbreak in a filly in Ponyville. Umm, I could... teach foals about what cutie marks are and their significance? I guess? That would be a short lesson I suppose." Dustheart brainstormed the sort of things she'd be doing around here, if any ponies came in. Dustheart retrieved a block of soap and a craving knife from her desk and starting carving flowers into the bar. "Hmm, maybe I should sell my soap carvings. They are quite advanced and beautiful!" She suggested to herself, her horn glowing a deep forest green matching her eye color as she levitated the knife and soap.
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PostSubject: Re: Cutie Mark Specialist   Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:53 am

His wing pushed aside the door, which made a alarming ring as he stepped inside. White covers the edges of his ears like a halo in the sea of light tan brown that his coat expresses. His mane is styled in a straight cut path of black wildfire that runs from his forehead to the bottom of his neck with bits of white patches on the lower end. His snout is a white white cap around his mouth till it faded to light brown, which then goes on towards the middle and fades to a pale brown.

His legs are jet black up till a little over the knees where they become part of the pale brown of his body. Standing at 4’5 is height, weighing at a 112 pounds. His taupe cap has pockets to set his wings which keeps the cape in a fixed position. His light beautifully designed ultramarine blue and grey shaded suit with a purple trim to hold it together. Overlapping stash sheets this ornate light armor has depicted scenes of his family's legacy. The saddle is a black velvet, smooth like those ropes you feel when waiting in line to higher end club. The back has a slot to allow his hair to stick out and covers the entire of his back of his neck.

He tucked his wings away into the pockets of his cape as he eyes the listless room, which seem fit for a foal to consider his club house. He saw the filly stab her knife into the soap, which caught his attentions as he saw the flowers. "Such beauty. In the canvas and beyond." His amber eyes grasp the air it keened it's attentions too as displayed himself with domination of the room.

"I have come for a filly named Dustheart. She is said to have the sure cure for The Cutie Poxes."
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Cutie Mark Specialist
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