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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Humoresque Belladonna

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Humoresque Belladonna HumoresqueBelladonnapng

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Silk white, intermittent streaks of sky blue; combed and trimmed neatly
Tail: Thick and smooth, extending to her knees
Eyes: Byzantium, bear a soft glow in the light
Body: Glacier blue, ripe with health and unlabored, reasonably tall
Cutie Mark: Atropa Belladonna
Age (Baby,adult): 'Teenaged'
Personality: Docile in nature, Humoresque values perceptual ease and tranquility over bustle and excitement. However, while apparently disconnected from reality, she attunes readily to the emotions of others.
She can often be found wandering, immersed and contented, in the quiet of the early morning and after dark. Mirth and complacence are permanent features of her expression; her thoughts, in turn, remaining difficult to deduce.
Humoresque speaks casually and never out of turn, without forsaking confidence in her beliefs. Seldom by intention, these unorthodox ideas can cause discomfort amongst others. In the same way, her unusual mannerisms can inspire criticisms which, subsequently, she will seemingly fail to perceive.
Likes: Introversion, liberty, fantasy, optimism, song and merriment
Dislikes: Conformity, conservatism and conventional scholarship, opportunism, hypocrisy, fear, grief, delusion
History: Humoresque is the only foal born to a loving traveling salespony and his accompanying wife. The father, an imaginative stallion in his own right, withheld her from schooling and ensured that his daughter would receive the very unusual intuition which he himself maintained. Little Humoresque gradually learned to treasure colorful fantasies and unorthodox wisdom -- constituents, as they were, of her father's mind.
With years, however, such wonders of his devolved into eccentricities. Extending his business ventures to more and more outrageous destinations, Humoresque's father eventually demanded that she be placed in the care of a business associate and family friend.
With the consent of her infinitely patient mother, Humoresque set off to live under the keeping of an active Trottingham business pony named Pavane. However stoic and ill-tempered, Pavane instantly embraced the filly. She alone possessed the ability to penetrate his sour exterior, coming to be his "little anaesthetic" in a society towards which he was otherwise indifferent. Thus came about Humoresque's cutie mark, a medicinal Belladonna plant. Pavane satisfies himself simply by providing for her in the little time she actually spends in his presence; therefore, despite the protective urges of her patriarchal host, Humoresque is allowed to wander freely as she so often does.

Prompt Response

It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Thick gray clouds had deprived that evening of its incipient grandeur. It was as though the sun had only existed in somepony's past. It very well could have never existed at all. Humoresque saw ahead of her, as she paced without destination, the sole flicker of tavern light which supplanted the golden rays of some other time.
She drew closer, silently listening in on their mercurial cheers -- imagining the alcohol which flowed freely and gorgeously wettened the night. At last, Humoresque could not help but wonder if the frequenters of that busy tavern were, themselves, escaping something greater. Was celebration the garnish of an accomplished life, or was it the sedative which offered transitory salvation in a universe of uncertainty? It was indeed a mystery as to the true intent of their lively song and dance. Her thoughts resorted to the turtle, alive and dragging its tail in the mud. She longed to be that turtle.
She trotted on and savored the rain.

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Humoresque Belladonna
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