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PostSubject: Raynie   Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:17 am


Be sure to check out Wishberry's dA!
Gender: Female
Species: Hippogriff
Mane: Being part griffin, Raynie doesnt actually have a mane. She does have some particularly long feathers that shyly cover the right side of her face a little bit.
Tail: Raynie has a golden colored tail that matches the feathers on her head
Eyes: Pale green eyes that are often a bit nervous in appearance. Her right eye is often partially covered by the feathers hanging over her face.
Body: Raynie has a reddish brown body of a normal sized mare, maybe just a hair bigger as she does have griffin in her. Like you'd see from a griffin, she has claws on her front legs instead of hooves. Her hooves are black in color on her back legs.
Cutie Mark: A writing quill and ink
Age: Late Teen / Young Adult
Personality: Raynie is generally pretty timid around strangers, as she is never sure to trust them even if they're being nice to her. She has generally been mistreated by ponies and because of such is very wary around them. After they have earned her trust, which may take a while, she may open up some to them, but most of the time is viewed as cold and uncaring which doesn't help the dislike many ponies have for her.
Raynie tends to be very quick to intervene if she ever happens to see a pony being bullied. While she may not care about the victim, she has seen so much bullying in her time that it makes her sick to her stomach to see someone being treated like that. She would like nothing more than to just be seen as another pony, but both the way she looks and talks makes her quite different than a lot of other ponies even in Trottingham.
Raynie tends to be quite the bookworm, having found a peaceful place within the pages of these stories when she preferred not to involve herself with the ponies in real life. She may often get lost in her own thoughts when talking to ponies, even falling into random thoughts during which.
Likes: books, reading, being treated as an equal, fruit pies
Dislikes: anypony being mistreated, being stared at, bigotry, leafy greens
History: Gildedale is a country off the north east of Equestria, formed by the earth ponies that did not want to live with the unicorns and pegasai. The further east you get, away from where Gildedale meets Equestria at the Drakenridge Mountains, the worse the elitism gets among the residents. Off the southern coast is a small island named Sireland. A griffin traveler found it very hard to find anyone on this island who would so much as speak with him. Finally a nice mare who was far different than many other ponies in the country took him in and gave him food and board for a short time. It was in this short time that the mare grew quite fond of the griffin and eventually they mated. The next morning the griffin abruptly left.
The mare found herself heartbroken and pregnant. Some time later a little filly was born, but this was no ordinary filly-- being part pony and part griffin, the result was a hippogriff, an animal so uncommon that most thought it to just be a old wives tale. The Hippogriff was given the name Raynie by her mother who loved her unconditionally. Sadly the rest of the town did not feel such love for Raynie. The earth ponies called her a monster, threw things at her, of the few foals willing to interact with her, none were allowed to because of their parents despise for the hybrid.
The earth ponies refused to let Raynie attend the school with the other ponies, and eventually her mother was able to find a home tutor for Raynie. Raynie became quite withdrawn from the other ponies and extremely shy and timid due to her lack of socialization. When in the market she would often be picked on by other ponies and found it difficult to not have some type of altercation every time she went out. It was from this that Raynie began writing a book having to do with a young pegasus that did not fit in with the other ponies. Raynie's tutor thought her book was so good and inspirational that she took it to the mainland and was able to get it published. Fearing that they would not publish the book if they knew who the author was, Raynie began using the penname Moira McCanter, partially named after her beloved tutor.
Raynie submitted a few more 'Littlest Pegasus' books and made enough money to move out of Sireland. Her mother, however, refused to leave the island she had grown up on but gave Raynie her blessing to find a more accepting place. Raynie decided on the pleasent Equestrian town of Trottingham. She opened up a small book store, mainly focusing on foals books and works of fiction. While she still gets stared at fairly often, the aggression from her home is not so present in this town mixed with earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasai alike.

Example RP segment: #5

Raynie was walking into the marketplace in her small town. She was not looking forward to this, as every time she went into town, ponies would yell obscenities at her or even throw things.
"hey! give her back!" came the cry of a young filly, followed by the mocking laugh of a colt.
Raynie's attention quickly shot towards the two young ponies. The poor filly's doll had been taken by the colt and he was refusing to give it back, repeatabley tossing it up out of her reach. Raynie quickly flew towards the two young ponies-- not being too much older than them herself. She grabbed the doll in the air with one of her talons and landed between the two foals.
"Here y'go" she said with a weak smile on her face, handing the doll back to the little filly. She turned towards the colt, "y' shouldnae make a 'lil filly cry," she scolded the colt.
The colt backed away from hippogriff before turning and running away, yelling out 'freak!' as he went.
Raynie frowned at the comment and lowered her head a little bit bit. She turned back towards the young filly, hoping that maybe seeing the little filly happily reunited with her doll would help raise Raynie's spirits again.
The little filly stared at Raynie, almost like she was about to cry, "please donae hurt me" the filly said nervously backing away.
A mare rushed up and got between Raynie and the filly, glaring at Raynie aggressively, "how dare y' talk t' m' 'lil girl!" she scorned as she spat at Raynie's talons before pushing the filly to follow her away.
"But y' donnae understand!" Raynie said defensively, almost in tears now, "I only wanted t' help her..." she mumbled as she lowered her head and turned back to walk home, most of the ponies in the market now glaring at her. Some even speaking loudly in their dislike for the hippogriff.

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