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 Warm Threads

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PostSubject: Warm Threads   Warm Threads I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 1:13 am

Warm Threads
Warm Threads Mypony13

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn

Mane:Reddish, done in a braid.
Tail: See pic.
Eyes: See pic, but always lively.
Body: Not really athletic, but eats healthily enough for health to be a non-issue.
Cutie Mark: A stuffed bear.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult-ish

Personality: In her own words, 'a friendly sort, if a bit talkative sometimes but not when I'm working! Not when I'm working please, I get distracted by myself often enough so other distractions will not work, not really. Sometimes the stitching has to be really really focused and...ah! I was supposed to be talking about myself, wasn't I? I do get a bit sidetracked a bit. A lot. But I guess it's better this way, because I'm showing my little quirks, not just telling you. Show, don't tell. Very important. Can make a decent book great, after all! You can talk to me if I'm reading, though! Because that means I have time on my hooves, and it's better to share it with friends, right? "Remember, no pony is a failure who has friends." I loved that book! A bit sappy, but the best kind of sappy. Sappiness is like soft fabric, really. Sometimes, nothing beats it."

In other words, a bit rambly, a bit sentimental, a bit of a novel nut.

Likes: Soft things, warm things, stories that have happy endings, stuffed toys, blankets, warm roasting open fires.
Dislikes: Cruelty, pain, techno, rainy days, Mondays

Daughter of a teacher and a foal's writer, Warm Threads developed a lust for life early, determined to live her life to happiest. Her father instilled a love of stories in her mind, and she developed a strong imagination for the characters in the tales, drawing them if she could. However, when looked at her sketches, something was...missing. When her next door neighbour saw her drawings, she offered to embroider them on cloth. Warm Threads would watch intently as the characters in her drawings became more...real, and wanted to learn needlework.

When her peers asked her what exactly she was doing, she retold the stories using the embroidered characters to illustrate the action. It was from here that one of her friends suggested that she make toys of the stuffed variety. Intrigued by the suggestion, she went to the local toymaker and begged him to teach her how to make stuffed toys. After three days of pestering, the toymaker finally relented.

Initially, Threads made characters from the books she read and the stories she heard, but it wasn't long after that she started making toys on request. Now she has taken over the shop from her mentor, and reads in her spare time for inspiration.

Example RP segment:
"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear..."

The instant she saw the foal, she had rushed over, urged by an inner maternal instinct that she simply couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, this instinct also urged her to ask questions like "Are you alright?" and "Where are your parents?" which sounded incredibly silly the instant after she asked them. The sobbing foal was a kind critic though, and simply shook his head at both queries.

Levitating a teddy bear from one of her bags. "I'm Warm Threads, and this is Theodore," she explained, making the bear nod and wave at the foal, "May we know your name, little one?" After getting a small answer,he smiled and gave Theodore to the colt. "Take care of him while we look for parents, would you please?" With a small smile despite the tears, the colt held on Theodore.

With that, they set off, Warm chattering all the way whilst the colt simply nodded with Theodore in his mouth. The toymaker's words travelled a large scope of topics, traversing the weather, birthdays, stories, and poo. Theodore almost fell to the ground as the colt tried not to laugh at that last one.

It was the colt that saw his mother first and rushed over into her embrace. Threads simply stood where was, and waved warmly at the two of them when they looked back with a smile. Whistling to herself, she walked off, going on with her day.

Five minutes later, she paused, realising the colt still had Theodore. Laughing to herself, with a "whoops" she continued on with her grocery shopping.
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PostSubject: Re: Warm Threads   Warm Threads I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2012 8:07 pm

Approved. *Grin*
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Warm Threads
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