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PostSubject: Quillstroke   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:21 pm

So here's my OC, loosely based on myself RL (but not completely)


(picture by Coconut-Cloud in DeviantART)

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Long, straight, black

Tail: Similar

Eyes: Red

Body: Average build. Slightly bigger than average. White fur.

Cutie Mark: A black quill

Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult

Personality: Despite his slightly grim appearance, Quillstroke is polite and kind. His expression rarely shifts from the usual dull one he has, except for a random raise of brow and grin every now and then. His demeanor is usually calm and serene and he doesn't look down on anyone that does not cause harm to others.

Quillstroke's cutie mark came from artistic gifts. He is most talented in literature, and has skills in illustrating and photography. He views the world in a deeper and philosophical perspective and finds nothing actually being what it looks like in the first glimpse. Despite this serious focus on things around him, he does sometimes crack a joke or two, though he never laughs at them himself.

His most likeable traits are probably the will to defend the weaker and the firm belief that anypony can change.

Likes: Art, equality, mares, peace and quiet

Dislikes: Tyranny, feeding on other's misfortune, loud noises (except for good music)

History: Quillstroke was raised in Old Trottingham in slightly poor conditions. He had four younger siblings... one brother and three sisters. Quillstroke was sick of the conditions he lived in and submitted to stealing to get himself food and education as he felt as his family didn't bring him enough. He never got a tutor, but with the money he kept stealing he afforded a lot of books which he used to study by himself when nobody was looking.

Years he spent studying, until he finally got caught by his family. His mother never looked at him the same way again, but did not cast him out of the home, mostly because his father stood for him. While the siblings remained neutral, not daring to say anything against either of the parents, Quillstroke's father confronted his first son, saying that he understood the reasons he started criminal ways. Having said this, he still told Quillstroke that it wasn't the right way, and that he should turn himself in.

As Quillstroke considered his father's words carefully he continued studying. In his studies he was most intrigued by art. Soon he decided to try it himself. What went in his mind when he bought a quill, ink and parchment was that maybe... maybe this was a way out...
Returning home he released his hidden creativity. On some parchments he wrote short stories and on some he drew. The drawings weren't much of course, but he got better at each one. He started to enjoy it a lot and in time had no time to steal any money.
One day, a breeze struck through their home from window to another and one of the story parchments flied out of the window. As Quillstroke cursed and galloped outside to retrieve it, it was found by a noble who started to read it. As Quillstroke reached him, it was soon clarified that he was the writer of the story, which the noble enjoyed very much. Being a great fan of stories, the noble stallion asked if Quillstroke wanted to earn money by writing something for him.

Quillstroke accepted the task with enthusiasm and got to it right away. Through next weeks he wrote a short novel which the noble very much enjoyed as well and paid Quillstroke enough to last a while. This is where he recognized his talent... It lied with art in every form. He now knew his calling, stopping his studying and stealing altogether. He wrote more and more stories and drew more pictures, getting better every time. In time he suddenly noticed a picture of a black quill that had appeared on his flank. His father was proud and his siblings admired him, but his mother still did not give up the past and believe that ponies can change.

Still the rest of the family supporting him was enough. Quillstroke sold all his books and confessed his crimes to the police. By paying all his achieved money to the police he minimized his sentence. As he had sat through his time, he returned home and committed his life for illustrations and literature. Soon starting to sell them around the neighborhood. The less wealthy families could not afford proper storybooks or paintings, so they were happy about Quillstroke's private business beginning. As his reputation grew, he started working on a long one. A story book of hundreds of pages. As he finished it and got it published, he grew richer than ever. He bought a better home for his family and another one for his own. Later on he opened an art store, selling paintings, books, sculptures alike, along with his own creations. He kept the business running for some time, before he decided that it was time to leave.

Being totally tired of Trottingham and its grimness, Quillstroke decided to move. He was an adult pony now. He sold the store, said warm goodbyes for his family (except for his mother) and trotted away, looking for a new place to live in...

Example RP segment: 5

Quillstroke trotted the streets of Manehattan quietly. He couldn't decide whether his foalhood home was worse than this city or not, but now that his business was done, he just wanted to get out. He didn't look around too much, but he felt the gazes his appearance gathered. He did not care though, he was not staying.

Soon however he heard noises from an alley nearby. As he came across the alley, he saw a young colt bullying a smaller filly. The colt was acting intimidating and aggressive and the filly was driven against a wall, pretty eyes shedding tears.

Quillstroke had no fighting experience and he preferred to avoid trouble, but this just did not go in his books. His lame expression did a rare change as his eyes narrowed and his nostril shivered slightly. He turned and trotted towards the scenery. The colt turned towards him rapidly. "What're you looking at?!" he spat at Quillstroke. The filly was scared as it was, and seeing Quillstroke was not making it better, until she heard the reply.

"I seem to be looking at an ugly muzzle harrasing a weaker one who's clearly afraid." Quillstroke replied in pure arrogance, despite having seen a sheath on a belt the colt had. It was foolish of him and he knew it, but he wanted to help the poor filly.
"Now get lost." Quillstroke said.

Soon enough his demands were answered quicker than he thought, as the colt unsheathed a knife with his teeth and slashed. Quillstroke got a slit on his chest. The wound bled, but it was not deep. He gasped and took steps backwards, gritting his teeth. As a second strike was coming however, he sent a shockwave from his horn, hurting the colt and sending him backwards. Though Quillstroke had no experience in combat, the other colt should have known not to assault a unicorn.

"Get... lost..." Quillstroke said with a gaze indicating a last warning. The colt had dropped his knife close to Quill, so he panicked and cantered away. Quillstroke relaxed finally, letting the adrenaline drop. The mare he had defended approached carefully.
"Thank you... a- are you hurt..?" she stuttered.
"I'll get to a hospital." Quillstroke said, as the cut was shallow enough for him to survive to the hospital on his own.
"You, stay safe..." he continued and turned around, starting to trot away.
"Wait... how can I thank you..?" the mare asked.
"You already did..." Quillstroke said and left.

"Darn it..." Quillstroke thought to himself.
"Fighting is not for me..."

Wow, that turned out long. I hope it's not too long/inappropriate Dx
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PostSubject: Re: Quillstroke   Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:46 pm

Approved. Really, there is no preferred length; quality and cohesiveness oughtta' be the determining factors. Happy posting!
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PostSubject: Re: Quillstroke   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:13 pm

You have my thanks :D
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PostSubject: Re: Quillstroke   

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