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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Some recent Canon and OC Pony Drawings!

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Some recent Canon and OC Pony Drawings! Empty
PostSubject: Some recent Canon and OC Pony Drawings!   Some recent Canon and OC Pony Drawings! I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 8:17 am

Just some pony drawings I've done :3 they go from most recent -> oldest in each catergory :3 Sorry there are so many links!

Canon Characters -

Doctor and Derpy Hooves - A request :3

Twilight and cute OC pony :3 - Another request

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie - Yet another request, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie hugging, and Flutters has a Luigi hat :v

Applejack and FireBlaze - Fireblaze is an adorable OC :3 Also a request

Spacey Luna! - A gift for my friend who runs the Spacey Luna page c:

OC Characters -

Artist Pony - Request

Cute Pegasus - Request

Old pic of Dixie - I love biros a lot <3

Dixie can't breakdance - An anon on Tumblr asked: ''Dixie can you breakdance?''

Pastell Inkhooves - For my vss, he is admin of this OC's page on facebook - Pastell Inkhooves

Dixie Holiday - Quick vector in SAI just before I went off to Germany for a week c:

Pot of Tea - an answer to another ask, this one took a while.

Prom Pony Dixie - What I wore to prom irl, except transferred onto Dixie. I was very bored.

Dixie Hyperventilating (GIF) - Little animation made in MS Paint only :3 I animated it with the Iaza website :3

Breeze Flicker Pegasus - Request

Rob Stallion OC - Request

Enfy Surfboarding - Request for another Welsh pony! His name is a short form of Enfys, which means Rainbow c:

Set of Gift Headshots :3 - 9 little headshots for some tumblr friends <3

Dixie Nyan - Another pony gave me a cookie..

Very Special Someponies - little doodle

Dynamite OC - An old OC I made :3

Summertime - Digital Painting - my first ever finished digital painting on SAI. For a contest on deviantart :3

Silly r63 hypothetical comic! - jftjhghkj63 follower celebration :>

Thanks for looking everyone!
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Some recent Canon and OC Pony Drawings!
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