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 I'm back finally!

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I'm back finally! Empty
PostSubject: I'm back finally!   I'm back finally! I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 4:00 am

Good gosh, everyone, I'm terribly sorry for leaving for such an extended period of time! It wasn't exactly a choice of mine. If I had the time to, I would have posted my absence. My family apparently planned a surprise trip/getaway/super-fantastic-several-month-long vacation trip for everyone.

It broke down sort of like this: my parents told me and my younger siblings that we were going to get groceries as a family for once, since it's such a tedious and lonely process for only one person to do. It was a pretty lame set-up for the surprise, but I have to say that I was definitely caught off guard when I figured it out that we were leaving. A few hours later we were at an airport and were on our way to stay with my grandparents down in Florida!

I missed everyone here, as well as my beloved internet (My older folks are kind of out of loop with computers. They have TV and land-lines, otherwise nothing). Though I must say, I didn't have a terrible time. Lots of swimming and other fun activities were to be had. Nevertheless, I'm more than glad to be back! Though sadly I probably missed out on a great number of role-plays I was previously involved in. Oh well, I can always join more, feels great to be back!
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I'm back finally!
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