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 Uncalled For

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Mango Azalea


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PostSubject: Re: Uncalled For   Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:48 am

Crystal watched as he shot into the waves, surprised. "Well, doesn't he like to dart off places," she muttered to herself, voice dripping with annoyance. Merponies? I expect more from him, she thought, rolling her eyes. She decided to wait for him up here, because as much as she loved the churning tides of the ocean, she honestly was enjoying the sun a bit more. She flitted up to a cloud, stretching out luxuriously and spreading her wings out. The sea was cold, and her recent swim had left her drenched and shivering.
Thundershot called out to her. "You gonna join me any time soon?" Ah, now was the time to play hard to get. She peeked her head out from the poofy matress of a cloud, mane tumbling over the side and drifting about in a breeze.
"Nah, I'll wait for you up here," she said, voice purposefully flat and boref. Her coat soaked up the rays of the sun, becoming drier and warmer by the second.

((ignore any spelling mistakes, I'm typing all of this on my phone and it's HARD))
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PostSubject: Re: Uncalled For   Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:34 am

Thundershot hadn't caught her answer-- the only sound in his ears was the crash of the waves against his skin, the flourishing bubbles underneath the surface that greeted him (along with cheerful, colorful schools of fish). He only realized that he hadn't waited for a reply when his hind leg accidentally tapped a rather irritated lobster, which decided that snapping its claws violently in Thundershot's direction would be a good notion to tell the stallion to 'get the hell out of the water before you lose your hoof to my very-dangerous claws, you bastard'. The motion promptly reminded him of the pain that one of Cloudspree's kicks had earned him, and he was not too keen on receiving any similar injuries again. He surged up toward the light breaking into the water, breaching the surface and pumping his wings in the air as he hovered near Crystal, who basked lazily in the sun.

"I didn't catch that," he said, "sorry." He stared at her, her hair threaded with the warm glow of the sun; "Do you want me to watch you nap or would you like to do something?" he asked, eyes aglow with invigoration and lips twitching back into a rare smile, a smile that strangely was becoming more and more frequent around the mare. It was odd, really-- the only other pony that had such an effect on him like this was Velra. And he like liked Velra.
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Uncalled For
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