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 Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere

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PostSubject: Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere   Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:24 am


Gender: female
Species: unicorn
Mane: She likes to dye her mane often, so the colors change a lot. She likes doing this especially after meeting new ponies in town and pretending to be a different mare (Velra likes messing around with ponies a lot). It's also quite helpful, since she's an actress. As of late, her mane is a deep blue with streaks of bright aqua. The tips are tinged a turquoise color-- she tends to get pretty crazy with her hair color. Her mane is often seen in a large braid, tied at the end with a red barrette-like accessory.
Tail: Her tail color usually matches her mane, and is also put into a large braid. The braid comes to a higher end with the red accessory, and the rest of her tail is left free.
Eyes: Her eyes are a maroon-pink color.
Body: Velra's coat is a light green with a lighter yellow near her hooves and at her nose and her bum. It fades out evenly into the green.
Cutie Mark: A pair of theatre masks; one for comedy and one for tragedy.
Age: A young mare.
Personality: Though she gets faint easily and has a terrible immune system, Velra is a bright, happy pony. She loves pranks, and she often acts jokingly as an arrogant unicorn. Her own personality sometimes borders on arrogant and obnoxious, though, and she's dangerously good at lying. Velra likes telling bad jokes, too. She's got a sweet tooth and a fast metabolism, so she eats a lot. She likes to cook more than she likes to bake, but she loves singing and acting most of all. Velra can be a bit nervous around young fillies and colts, because for some reason, they tend to intimidate her. She jokes about it to make it seem less serious. Velra has a tendency to joke about a lot of serious things to make them seem less intimidating, like how she gets sick easily and gets very faint if she doesn't have enough to eat (which is a lot). She doesn't really like being doted on because of her weakness or being treated any more carefully and gently because of it. Velra doesn't really like admitting to her weaknesses, either. Fortunately, though, she usually doesn't have to because she comes across as a bubbly, friendly and outgoing pony with very few problems. She gets very competitive during sports and can be very clumsy sometimes, but she tries to be more careful because she bruises easily (and doesn't like it when other ponies have to take care of her). Velra can be very impatient and is not a morning pony.
Likes: drawing (though she's terrible at it), sweets, singing, cooking, acting, pranks, meeting ponies
Dislikes: being treated like a frail little filly, most canterlot unicorns, dancing, talking about her past or family
History: Velra was born with the name Amethyst Dream, a very sickly and frail young filly. Being the only filly in several generations of the well-known Lavaliere family in Canterlot, she was often doted on and treated with care and delicacy. Velra was home-schooled and rarely interacted with ponies outside of the Lavaliere Estate, since her family believed her to be to fragile to go out and was over-protective of her, shutting her off from the rest of the world. She grew up with no friends but the maids and butlers of the Lavaliere Estate, whom she talked to often and loved dearly. One maid was especially dear to Velra; she had taught her how to bake and would often tell her stories of Equestria. It was this maid that organized the plays the other servants would put on to entertain her while she was sick, which was often. When Velra had finally recovered from her last, almost life-threatening disease that had left her thin and faint, she had asked her parents to finally leave the Estate and start a life of her own. Of course, this was not the first time she had asked, but she'd figured that she'd be more convincing this time, when she wasn't coughing or gripping her head. Her parents seriously considered the thought, but their answer wasn't one that Velra liked.
"We will find a suitable stallion for you. After you two are wed, you may leave the Estate and live your life with him."
It was always like this. Always. There just had to be someone taking care of weak, pathetic, stupidly-fragile little Amethyst, didn't there? Well, Velra wouldn't comply with this. With the secret help of several maids and butlers on the Estate that she had befriended as a filly, she had run away to the place her favorite maid had told her she'd come from: Ponyville.
It was an entirely new place from Canterlot, and even better: the Lavaliere Estate. Ponies here had the right to speak even when not spoken to. They were loud, friendly, imperfect-- but of course, that made them all the more lovely to Velra-- and best of all, they weren't the snobbish pricks that the maids and butlers of the Estate had described the Canterlot unicorns to be. Pleased to be starting anew, Amethyst chose a new name for herself: Velra, the surname of her favorite mare. Here, in Ponyville, she pursued her acting dream and began to work part-time in a bakery, when she wasn't acting, of course. As she began to perfect her changing-appearance spells, she regained the courage and confidence to return to Canterlot-- only to visit her maid and butler friends discreetly, and sometimes to perform in the famous theatres there, or to sing.

Example RP segment:A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Velra winced at the loud, pointed laughing of the colt as he circled the little filly, taunting her and jeering her with a smirk on his lips. She frowned at the sight. Oh well-- she didn't like foals, and surely there would be somepony else to help the filly. Or maybe she's stand up for herself and--

"What're you looking at?" the colt's aggressive voice snapped in her direction. Velra eyed the foal with her deep maroon orbs.

Well, she hadn't planned on sticking around, but she didn't feel like leaving anymore. Not when she was being challenged. Velra never turned down a challenge.

She trotted over slowly, almost menacingly, her stare never leaving the colt's eyes. She was so close, only inches away from his body, glaring down at him. He seemed to want to leave, but his hooves remained planted on the ground.

Velra would just have to scare him away. And why not have some fun while she was at it?

She suddenly struck a bold, random pose, and started belting at the top of her lungs in a purposely-tone-deaf voice, "SO YOU WANT TO GET A HAIRCUT/CAUSE IT'S GETTIN' KINDA HIPPY-LIKE/ THE BARBER CLOSES SOON, SO YOU BETTER MAKE IT ZIPPY-LIKE A CHEETA SPORTIN' SOME ADIDAAAAAAAAAS~"

She paused to gasp for more air and she saw the colt fidget, clearly feeling a bit awkward. He had moved back slightly. "You're so lame," he insulted her a bit uncomfortably.

Grinning madly, Velra let her face contort into a crazy expression and began to sing even louder, voice on the verge of screaming. And as she sang (if such horrible, discordant noise could even be considered such), she got terribly close to the colt's face, practically hollering into his ears. He retreated slowly with a strange expression on his face that consisted of confusion, with a dash of fear, before he took off into the streets of Manehattan.

"You're crazy!" was his last attempt at an insult, but it was rather pathetic since his voice had been shaking. Velra could see why he was scared, though-- she had started to chew part of her own hoof, looking like she belonged in an asylum.

As she turned around to flash a grin of goodbye to the filly she'd just saved, she realized that there was no one there. Apparently she'd scared her off, too. Velra began to crack up, giggling and chortling hysterically. Well, at least she'd accomplished her goal.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere   Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:10 am

Elegance: It is the gravest sin to abandon one's self. One that a pony of noble status should never do.

Approved. She looks interesting~

The maiden, the mother, and the other one.


If Paradise Blossom speaks in red, she is speaking Neighponese.

I do my best now and am preparing. Please wait warmly until it is finished.
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere   Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:27 am

Thanks muchly, intel XD except Verla's still a bit cranky at you for blowing up her cake :I
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere   

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Lady Amethyst Dream Lavaliere
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