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PostSubject: Cloudspree   Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:30 am

Cloudspree or Spree
((the human sketch is just a reference as to what she'd look like as a person))

Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Her mane is silky-smooth and carefully combed, as she makes many trips to the salon in Canterlot. It's a bright, fiery red color with hints and strands of orange. She sometimes has it styled into a pinned-up french braid, positioned into a bun.
Tail: Her tail matches her mane is actually slightly softer than it, surprisingly enough. It is well-combed and occasionally done up.
Eyes: Her doll-like eyes are a deep cerulean color, one of the only features she shares with her brother. 
Body: Her coat is a light, orangey tone, adding warmth to her overall appearance. Her legs are long and her wings should be somewhat larger than the normal pegasus, since this runs in her family, but their growth has been stunted since she injured them. They are usually seen folded onto her back. The tips of her hooves are painted red. She gets them done at the salon.
Cutie Mark: Cloudspree's cutie mark is three o-shaped clouds, all white.
Age: Young adult.
Personality: Cloudspree is bright, charming, witty and humorous. However, she is also rather sarcastic and can be very manipulative. She's a bit vain, too. Cloudspree is arrogant and slightly narcissistic, but she is very social and does enjoy company. She has a silver tongue and can become very jealous, but she is usually composed and appears to be friendly. More often than not, her goodnatured appearance is simply a mask; inwardly she is a bit of a control freak and always has to be right. She seems to get along with just about anypony, but the truth is that she can be easily peeved. She tends to let out her more sarcastic side around those she's close to or those she considers to be her friends. Cloudspree has a habit of being flirty and enjoys socializing with the rest of the upper-class ponies in Canterlot, building up quite a reputation for herself, which is why she's only completely sincere around those she trusts, and that includes letting out and exposing her personality flaws. She has an unspoken fear of flying, as she had gravely injured herself the last time she took to the skies, but she yearns to experience the feeling again. Cloudspree is secretly a bit insecure. She often doesn't put effort into things she doesn't deem worthy of her, and she has a tendency to pay less attention lower-class ponies but occasionally generously donates to the less fortunate or helps them simply to improve her own personal image. Cloudspree is a perfectionist. (And she refuses to speak about why she won't fly. She doesn't talk about it to anypony besides her brother, and even then, she hardly brings it up. And speaking of her brother-- well, she's deathly possessive of him and hates it when he pays attention to other ponies besides her, especially the pretty unicorn mares in Canterlot. She's secretly terrified of losing his love and attention.) She wants to explore and go on adventures like she did when she was little, but she refuses to damage her status and reputation here in Canterlot. Occasionally, though, she visits Manehattan, where she loosens up a bit. She's an earlybird and is never late unless she plans to be. (manipulative and controlling, remember?)
Likes: Herself, flying, grooming, her brother, socializing, Manehattan, using other ponies, messing around with ponies
Dislikes: Flying, working, being wrong
History: Cloudspree had never really known her mother, who'd passed away when she was only a couple months old. And she hardly interacted with her father, who always seemed to be busy in Canterlot. Cloudspree was raised in Manehattan with her older brother, Thundershot, by their aunt and uncle. She grew up under a very proper household, strict rules, and often found herself rebelling against her aunt and uncle. She cut her hair as short as she could, which was to her chin (Uncle threatened to disown her if she dared crop it like a boy, but she hadn't know, back then, he'd been bluffing), she stayed out as long as she could whenever and wherever she could, she got into fights often and made a habit out of rubbing dirt all over her body before she returned home from school with a smug look on her face as she watched her aunt write letters to the principal, apologizing for her niece's rambunctious behavior. Spree loved messing around with her family, save for her brother. He was a big crybaby when they were little, and she could recall constantly standing up for him when the bullies made fun of him for failing repeatedly as he practiced his flying. They always backed down, since it was kind of awkward to make fun of how her brother's flying skills (or lack thereof) when they couldn't tease her for it, too. After all, she was a filly prodigy: when she was in the air, she was absolutely breath-taking. Spree was rough and rebellious on land, but with her wings taking her to the sky, she was smooth and graceful (except for when she rushed or darted or speeded around in random directions just to intimidate or mess around with the ponies below-- she especially liked pretending that she'd somehow fainted in mid-air and plummet down at a clueless pony beneath her, then stopped and reared up in the air just inches away from their mane). Of course, she no longer used her wings after she had wounded them terribly in an accident during a competition. She hardly spoke of this flaw to anyone. Her raw talent went to waste, and she swore to herself never to fly again. It was then that her brother, who had long outgrown his crybaby phase, increased his protectiveness of her, though she knew well enough that she could handle herself despite the lack of the ability to fly. She moved to Canterlot after he was sent to an academy in Cloudsdale, and she created a new life for herself. She had always wanted to live in Canterlot-- the magnificent, majestic city. Of course, she had no intentions of finding her father, as she was a bit bitter toward him. He had never really been a father-- always busy, placing his work above his kids on his priority list. It wasn't even like he had kids.
Her family in Manehattan had always been rather wealthy, so her reputation in Canterlot already was quite pleasing, especially since her father had previously made a good impression on the ponies-- not that she would gladly admit it. She became a polished, elegant mare, just as her aunt had wished for. 
Like how Thundershot outgrew the crybaby, she also outgrew the rebel... somewhat.
Example RP segment: A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

A smirk danced on Spree's lips as her cerulean eyes easily ran over the paper. A secret admirer, eh?
"Nothing new," she chuckled to herself, folding the paper into an airplane and sending it to her wall. It hit the floral-patterned surface and fell to the ground. She sighed, stretching lazily. Spree thought about the letter of confession for a second. She could almost identify the handwriting... Was it Bordeaux this time? Spree rolled her eyes and leaned back on her plush couch. That would explain how strangely he'd been acting lately.
Cloudspree eyed the analog clock on the wall. Fancy Pants was hosting another one of those dinner parties tonight. (Sometimes, Spree wondered how those ponies managed to stay thin. Then again, they only nibbled at their food. Figures.) It seemed like he had nothing to do with his infinite amount of money but spend and spend it on pointless parties. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and headed over to her closet to pick out something suitable. Spree was already planning for the dinner. Talking about the letter there would only make her seem more desirable, and perhaps then she could kick that Fleur de Lis out of the spotlight next to Fancy Pants. She didn't like that mare very much-- mainly because she was so gorgeous. While Cloudspree enjoyed competition, Fleur grated on her nerves...
Spree turned her head to the paper airplane letter on the ground and the smirk returned to her face. Oh, she would be the talk of the party tonight, like every other night (that she cared to remember-- because if she wasn't the center of attention, Spree thought, then the party just wasn't a party at all).

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PostSubject: Re: Cloudspree   Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:12 am

Well, it seems perfectly fine to me! Welcome to the forum. Remember, we are all mad here.


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I do my best now and am preparing. Please wait warmly until it is finished.
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