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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Threads of possibilities

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PostSubject: Threads of possibilities   Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:09 pm

A young stallion wondered down the street, he was not as fancy as many of the ponies where. It was fine, they wouldn’t be wearing those fashions in a week, Stripes would be the in thing, or maybe dots, it was not decided.

He knew these streets well, growing up here, even so he wondered slowly, a far off look in his eyes a small mare, smaller than normal despite her age wondered behind him, looking at the people and the shops with much more interest. She even wore a posh hat to fit in with the crowed.

She was so Intent on looking at the sites while the stallion went on his morning stroll that she didn’t noticed he had stopped.

“Light, Is this still a bakery” He stood looking into the window of one of Canterlots finer bakeries, thankfully it was not as busy as it normally was, having caught it after the morning rush and before the afternoon.

She sighed, looking at the building. “Yes Amber, It has been here for ages what else would it be?” Knowing her chances of an answer where slim, instead she went and opened the door so that he could enter. “The Table you like is still there to, and its empty.”

He in fact did not answer, Instead he wondered over to the small line, the last of the morning rush. She followed, pulling her bag of bits out of her saddle bag, knowing he didn’t carry any.
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Threads of possibilities
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