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 Jack Trades

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PostSubject: Jack Trades   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:03 pm

Jack Trades

Gender: Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Age: Adult

Mane: Blue and Red

Tail: Little bit of blue, mostly red.

Eyes: Red, cool eyes.


Home: His home is a tent with a garden right next to it. Its near the clocktower and another ponies home, and near Everfree Forest. The town its nearest however, is Ponyville. The garden is filled with flowers to be eaten, and a few potatos. There is also a apple tree right by it, for when he wants some apples. Overall, he provides for himself and lives secluded where he lives.

Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is three cards that represented the game that he was played when he was a child. A joker, a Ace, and a blank card.

Personality: Jack is a pegasus that likes to help other ponies around, and he normally does so with a bit of happiness in him. He, most of all, loves to fly around in the sky when he could. He does chores when ponies need him to, also. Hes a very obedient pegasus when hes talking to his elders. When hes with his friends, hes normally peppy and he loves to talk about certain books, like Hoof Life or The Adventures of The Shepard. As he loves being near the forest, he loves hearing the forest sounds, especially if they wake him up. Hes really good at card games, as well. Hes a natural.

Biography:Jack was an orphan at the beginning, left at a orphanage to be adopted. He never knew why he was an orphan, maybe he wasn't as good as his parents thought he was? He got his cutie mark when he was younger, playing a small friendly card game with a few other colts. He won all the games, but he never took their stuff. He eventually noticed that they were getting a little frustrated since they've never won against the pegasus, and Jack started intentionally losing for them to be a little happier. There was nothing wrong as long as he was making them a little happier. He earned his cutie mark shortly after the game. But either way, in a few years, Jack was politely pushed out onto the doorstep. He had gotten a few bits to use for himself, and a few clothes that he has had. Jack has lived near Ponyville for awhile, and he occasionally explored the nearby forest, but mostly stayed near Ponyville to have friends and the like. He met a certain DJ in Ponyville, and they became friends.

He has been providing for himself for a small time, making a small garden full of flowers that he liked and a few other things, such as potatos, and putting a tent nearby it as a home for himself. He loves being nearby wilderness sometimes, and he had to take care of his food either way, so it worked for him. Ponyville was quite close by, and he had no problem flying there. He even got new clothes a year back, not like he needed them of course, but there's no problem with having a jacket on a cold day. He sometimes is at the tavern, just trying to make friends. Most of the time it erupts into fights and some people even start falling in love with each other. He normally just sneaks out of the tavern when times like that arise, however.

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PostSubject: Re: Jack Trades   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:46 pm

Added a few new things to my character sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Trades   

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Jack Trades
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