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 Sterling Tempest

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PostSubject: Sterling Tempest   Sterling Tempest I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 2:40 am

Sterling Tempest
Sterling Tempest Ponywithbackgroundn
Gender: Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Dirty Blonde
Tail: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Bright Blue
Body: Dirty Brown
Cutie Mark: Chess pieces. A black pawn and a white pawn on either side of a red king.
As seen in Cutie Pox episode.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult
Personality: To most ponies, Sterling Tempest is known as a stallion of honesty and high morals. He has helped lead the gypsies at times and has always shown respect to his other gypsies and helped stand up for them in times of need.
Sterling, however, has been wearing a false smile. When the leader of the gypsies passed away, he intended to take over the troupe and lead them as he had planned. However, in the last moments of his life, the gypsy leader made his own daughter the leader of the Gypsies, rather than Sterling. Sterling was enraged by this and sought to right this injustice. However, he has not let the other gypsies see this change in him. He has let it fuel his mind and his manipulative nature in his path to control. He will never dirty his hooves with the truly dirty work and will instead find others to do his work for him.
Likes: Himself, leading, compliance, BLTs (bellflower, lettuce, & tomato)
Dislikes: being ignored or overshadowed, disobedience, following others orders
History: Sterling Tempest was on his own at a young age when his mother passed away and he ran from the caravan he was apart of in fear what the other settlers may do to him. It was not long until he was found by the gypsies and became one of them. He quickly grew fond of the wife of the gypsy leader, feeling a mother in her after the loss of his own mother. When she died giving birth to Grassy Roots, he was once again devastated by loss and grew even more inward.
As he grew into a young Stallion he began to work more hoof in hoof with the leader of the gypsies, trying to groom himself to one day replace him. He never truly developed any more real feelings for his fellow gypsies, concerning himself solely on his own good. While he did not care for any of his fellow gypsies and secretly despised them on the inside, he smiled to them and worked along side them, commonly being refereed to as one of the most honest of the gypsies.
Now an adult, Sterling worked directly under the leader of the gypsies as one of his right hoof ponies. However, as others joined and their numbers group up nearing twenty, Sterling saw another stallion beginning to pose a problem within the gypsy clan. He had began to see into Sterling's game within the clan and was growing wiser. Before he could get too involved, Sterling began to get in the ear of the lead gypsy, spinning lies of this other stallion's possible motives. When the leader began to see this stallion behaving oddly, the distrust began to grow. Finally Sterling convinced the gypsy leader to oust this stallion from the clan. During the conflict the gypsy leader was injured and the stallion left, taking a hooffull of others with him.
The Gypsy leader suffered through his injury for months until finally he passed away from a lack of treatment. As he grew weaker, Sterling began to asert himself more as the leader of the clan. On his deathbed, the gypsy leader appointed his daughter Grassy Roots as the leader of the clan. Sterling was furious and now seeks to take the clan any way possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Sterling Tempest   Sterling Tempest I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 7:02 pm

Discussed and approved.
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Sterling Tempest
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