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 Recovery With a hit of bad news

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PostSubject: Recovery With a hit of bad news   Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:40 pm

One week

One week since a bout of very bad timing. One week since a very terrifying moment with some of Manehattens elite. One week since A very awkward moment with a handsome Guard pony.

One week since she has been fit enough to go to work.

Though if Peach Dream was truly honest with herself she would half to admit that much of it was emotional. She hadn't even been able to put the entries down in her diary. Though they still felt fresh in her mind. She was fully healed, at least in body, so she could no-longer put off facing the other teachers, and her students.

"I feel like I have failed them." She muttered to her mirror self, Pulling up her shawl to cover the long scar down her back. Magicking her hat on and strapping on her full saddle bags she took a deep breath. At least she had gifts for everyone, even the teachers, Though she was pretty low on yarn now, and funds since she hasn't been able to work.

Sure she had everything she took another deep breath and steeped threw her door, and down the stairs. It was a little surreal, since she had hardly left her home of late. Stepping out into the early morning air that made her back twinge she trotted towards the school house. For the first time in a week.
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PostSubject: Re: Recovery With a hit of bad news   Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:26 am

Three damn months.

She had been cooped up in that stupid hospital, eating nothing but great value jello and fruit. Though most of it was pears. Not she hated them or anything. You just tried of derp green things trying to be apples and plums at the same damn time.

She felt like a loser for sitting around so long and she knew her land-mares who Renny stayed with. Wonder what sort of nonsense they would demand for the back rent.. She had burned the dairy she had kept in the hospital. It had too many things in it she didn't want to deal with and had secrets, dreams and impossible things she could never have. Best burn them away. She wondered if she would get a law suit in the mail, but quickly remembered it was illegal fight club.

Talon walked by this old place, a real cozy little joint as this peach colored filly came over, looking like she was tied to a train track as the old steam locomotive came at her. "Hey." Talon lifted her head up as she eyed her up, walking next to her. "Stop thinking so hard."
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Recovery With a hit of bad news
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