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 Character creation guidelines

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PostSubject: Character creation guidelines   Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:49 pm

Its your first character and you don't know what to expect.

You probably are wondering if you can make an active soldiering pony, or a super hero, or a pony with powers beyond imagining. These are not acceptable.

On this forum, we keep things down to earth. Ponies are regular ponies, some with spiffy talents and some that have their own personal troubles.

Please keep your characters true to the show. Especially if your character lives in Ponyville. There are small exceptions, like the wild west setting of Appleloosa where your pony would be in more trouble, or Manehattan where crime is everywhere.

Making a pony that 'comes from another dimension' and can 'respawn' after death is not acceptable. Nor is making huge long complicated plot that justifies your character being a super powerful spell caster that got lessons from Twilight Sparkle.

Here are some basic guidelines.

-Race can be Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony. (things like zebra and griffon are for experienced members only.)

-No prior connection or relation to canon characters. You can't be Twilight Sparkles cousin, or Celestia's secret child.

-Keep your character fitting to the show, especially in Ponyville. Characters in places like Manehattan and Appleloosa can afford more grimdark and serious backgrounds and personalities.

-You don't have to write a massive history, but you need several lines at least. What you don't write down gives you room to expand and grow your character as you go. Some of the best characters are not the ones that start off being who they are, but becoming that pony through role playing.

-Don't look silly. Ponies are usually one body color and maybe two colors or three in their mane. Showing up with a crazy speckle pattern of different colors and saying you were born special is silly.

-More may be added in time.
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Character creation guidelines
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