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 Nova's Places

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PostSubject: Nova's Places   Mon May 21, 2012 4:17 pm

Nova Sharp's places
Destination of house: the border of the town, close to the more rural parts. The trail leading to SweetApple Acre and Carrot Top’s farm is parallel to the dead end street on which Nova lives.
Area: Ponyville
Adress you want: 154 Meadow Trail
No. of rooms: 2
How many stories: 1, she lives in the attic she rents
Which rooms: A medium sized living area and a small restroom. She also owns a small gardening shack in the courtyard, close to the tree line
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Living area: serves as a bedroom, living room and kitchen at once, it has a bed, a small table stuck between two rafters, basic kitchen appliances, filing cabinets and a few crates holding her stuff and serving as benches. It is not very decorated and the walls are beige and crossed with brown rafters
Restroom: well it has a shower and other minimal facilities, the colours are metallic and pale blue.
Gardening shack: it holds a desk, more filing cabinets and a small coffee pot where she can infuses herbal drinks for her serious clients. The shack is soberly decorated and the walls are painted navy blue. The shack was once run down but Nova repaired it and made it her PI office. It’s a tiny place but it’s the best she got.

The building in which she lives:

her agency
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Nova's Places
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