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 Dreamsicle's House of awesome

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Dreamsicle Swirl


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PostSubject: Dreamsicle's House of awesome   Tue May 15, 2012 3:57 am

Dreamsicle's house and semi-creamery
Destination of house: Few blocks south of Sugarcube Corner
Area: Ponyville
Address you want: 123 Sesame Street
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories: 1
Which rooms: Bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, cellar
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Bedroom is widely unused, usually sleeps on the large pile of pillows in his front room. It's a small room, well-painted, each wall a different color. There is a bed, but again it's rarely used, more of a guest room.
Living room is where it's at, a hand-made wooden table off center, with a large area rug in the middle. The couch is clustered with a massive pile of pillows, plenty of sleeping room. A bookshelf sets against one wall, books on cooking and the proper care of freezers. Door to the kitchen is opposite the front door, while the bedroom and bathroom doors are on the left. The wall opposite that wall has the couch.
Bathroom is... a bathroom, complete with shower and facilities.
Kitchen is Dream's workshop. His pride and joy, where he keeps his gigantic walk-in freezer, complete with conveyor belt connected to the kitchen countertop. He had a large sink as well, place where we cleans up the different creamsicle molds. A large machine, a pump of some sort, stood on one corner, where it would pump cream from the just above freezing cellar. There's a large hatch in the floor, a few feet away from the cellar door, where Dream can easily deposit his cream into the giant barrel in the cellar.
Down in the cellar there's not much but the giant barrel. It's a completely stone and mortar room, which keeps it at the perfect temperature all year round. A pipe leads up from the barrel into the kitchen, allowing for easy pumping.
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Dreamsicle's House of awesome
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