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PostSubject: Strider   Wed May 09, 2012 7:36 pm


Cutie Mark

Breaking it down, the moon is a symbol of the night, which is usually the only time he is awake. The red aura is representative of his magic power, fueled by passion and impulse. The 6 red lights are a little more ambiguous. The number 6 carries a sort of negative connotation. Their shape and color, similar to simplistic drawings of stars. They COULD also represent the 6 Elements of Harmony

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn Pony

Mane: Red, well groomed

Tail: Red, well groomed

Eyes: Light Green

Body: Dark gray coat, clean. Slight build.

Age : Adult

Personality: Nocturnal, yet sociable. He is kind to others, even though he does not know many ponies who stay up as late as he is awake. Occasionally, however, he does butt heads with narrow minded or ignorant people. Strider respects all life, though not to an extreme degree. If required, he will use his magic to defend or fight back. Though he is ready to do so, he has never killed anyone before.

On nights of the new moon, Strider changes in personality drastically. He lefts go of his values and morals. During these times, he has random bouts of anger, greed, vanity, hunger, laziness, and jealousy. his most notable change during these times, are his desire to inflict pain on others and himself.

Likes: Night time, tea, practicing magic, pranking others, Everfree Forest, his egg.

Dislikes: The sun, intense light, new moons.

History:Strider was always a different kind of unicorn. He never quite fit in with anyone, during the day he was grouchy or quick to temper. The night seemed to be the only time He was ever at peace. When it became clear to his mother her son could only operate in the night, she adapted her daily schedule to suit his needs. For this, Strider was always appreciative for his mother.

Which is why, when she was kidnapped, Strider stepped forward to find her. Even though he did poorly during the day, for the period of four weeks, he forced himself to search for answers. Eventually, he met with a zebra who held the information he sought. Her way of speaking in rhyme and riddles annoyed Strider, but he obtained the information he needed from her.

A trio of lawbreakers had taken her captive, as ransom. They seemed intent on obtaining the money, and promptly 'dispatching' their captive. They had set the deadline for the following day, a somewhat fortunate situation, as their base was somewhat well hidden from the guards, hence why they could allow a month to pass. Strider knew he was up against uneven odds, therefore he'd have to resort to stealth, and trickery to save his mother.

Under the cover of nightfall, Strider, assisted by the zebra from before, lured one of the criminals away. Incapacitating them with a gas potion the zebra had with her. From there, they split up, she went to get the guards, who would only arrive much later. Strider entered the complex, only two other earth ponies stood in his way.

He made a break for the his mother, quickly undoing her bindings. Their reunion was cut short, as the captors had caught them. They escaped the complex, Strider and his mother running into the forest, drawing in their pursuers.

As a direct fight was out of the question, the forest provided excellent cover. Combining their magic, Strider and his mother stopped one of the two chasing them. The other pressed on, ramming into Strider's mother. She collapsed, causing Strider to go back and try to help her. He blocked the other pony from her.

With a sudden rush of energy and power Strider released a shockwave of magic, incapacitating everyone in the vicinity. He awoke soon after, confused and out of control, Strider feared he had become a monster. He hid and waited for the guards to come. They arrested the unconscious kidnapper, and took Strider's mother back with them. Relieved she was safe, but still afraid of what he had done, Strider made his way into the heart of Everfree forest. Where he hid for many years.

When the guards returned to Canterlot, Strider's mother told them she was unsure of what happened. She asked what happened to her son. The guards did not know what to tell her, as no one else was found at the site, though there was evidence to suggest it. They eventually told her Strider died in the forest, while trying to protect her.

Strider never returned to Canterlot after this, even though he eventually learned of what had transpired after he fled. The zebra from before found and told him everything, he was lucky she also lived in the forest.

During his time in the forest, Strider began self training, to control his magic. He learned the nature of magic in doing so. It seemed to specialize in causing harm, to others and the world around him. Although he could preform normal magic, levitation and such, for daily use. Through strict training and understanding, Strider took full control over his magic, and has not lost control over it since that one instance.

Strider still lives within the vicinity of the forest, though not in the forest itself. His time in the forest has changed him, and he lives closer to nature than most. He learned how to keep himself warm, and how to seek out nourishment in the forest.

On one expedition through the forest, he came across an egg. It was larger than a normal egg, white shell with colourful sparkle-like spots. He could feel a magical energy from within the egg, undoubtedly it was laid by a magical creature. Though how it ended up abandoned is unclear to Strider. Regardless, he keeps the egg with him in a traveler's bag he also found some time prior.

Still only operating at night, on nights of the new moon, Strider keeps himself as far from civilization as possible. The this is due to a change in his personality. During this time, he becomes callous and merciless. He has never once used his magic in this state, but Strider believes he likely would if others were nearby. Despite this, he makes regular trips into town on 'safe nights'. If the need arises, he will force himself to come out during the day, though he is slightly more irritable.
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PostSubject: Re: Strider   Sat May 12, 2012 3:37 am

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