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 Arpeggio's home

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PostSubject: Arpeggio's home   Wed May 09, 2012 3:18 pm

Arpeggio's home
Destination of house: Near the town square
Area: Ponyville
Address you want: 113 Harmony Boulevard
No. of rooms: 5 (not counting the basement)
How many stories: 2 (One floor and a basement)
Which rooms: Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Guest Bedroom.

List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Kitchen: A smaller room with a stove, fridge, sink, a small table and chair set, and a few cabinets for storage. The room itself is fairly simple in design, with nice-looking wood for the cabinets, table, and chairs.

Bathroom: Fairly small as well, has a bathtub, toilet, and sink with a towel rack nearby. Has a simple tiled floor with a bath mat in front of the tub.

Bedroom: A cozy-looking, medium sized room. Has nice brown carpeting, a nightstand with an oil lamp right next to a medium (read, a cozy fit for two) cloud bed.

Guest Bedroom: About the same as the regular bedroom, but with a normal bed instead of a cloud bed.

Living Room: Is medium-sized. Has a cozy couch and chair near a coffee table; darker red carpeting,with a record player nearby. Beige curtains line the windows and there is a regular wooden door leading outside; there's a door in the hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms that leads down to the basement.

Basement: Carpeted with comfortable brown carpeting, medium small sized. A few small windows on the uppermost parts of the walls, though they only open a little ways. There's a small piano along one wall, as Arpeggio uses this room as a 'studio' of sorts for his music. There's a smaller couch and table not far; there are some storage cabinets along a wall and lampstands on the wall for oil lamps when it gets dark. All in all, has an atmosphere something like a small jazz club.
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Arpeggio's home
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