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 Moon Whistle's House

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PostSubject: Moon Whistle's House   Tue May 01, 2012 10:54 am

Moon Whistle's house
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: At the edge of the town
Adress you want: 8 Bluebell Ave, Ponyville, Equestria
No. of rooms: 4
How many stories: 2
Which rooms: Living room (with kitchen corner), bathroom, bedroom, study
List the rooms and their size and appearance: Living room is one large room downstairs with one corner reserved for cooking. Also the bathroom is downstairs, behind a sliding door. Stairway upstairs takes to a hallway with two doors, one leading to bedroom and one to the study. Moon Whistle's house does not have a balcony, but she wishes it did.

Living room is furnished with old and somewhat worn out furniture, a sofa, some soft armchairs and a small table. There is a colourful rug on the floor. Windows have some old, dusty flower-patterned curtains. Kitchen corner has the basic necessities needed for cooking, nothing too fancy.

Bathroom is somewhat small, and most of the room is taken by a built-in bathtub. Tiles are cool blue of colour and there is just a small window for airing the room. There is also a mirror on the wall and a small cabinet for hygiene products.

Study upstairs is stacked with books, light sources, studies, papers, bookcases and it has an old writing desk with just as old chair. Colours of the study are somewhat dark, except for the bright-coloured stack of pillows and blankets Moon Whistle sometimes naps on. The window in the study is large and Moon Whistle's telescope is usually by the window.

Bedroom is comfortable with round furnishings and soft colours. Window is covered with a thick curtain, since Moon Whistle likes to sleep in darkness, even if she sleeps during the day time.

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Moon Whistle's House
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