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 Bubble Trouble

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PostSubject: Bubble Trouble   Bubble Trouble I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 12:38 am

Seihai gasped as dropped the large spell-book he was holding into the soft blue grass of the park. It was landslide into his eyes at the sheer mass of colored flowers and plants. The stone pillar had vines wrapped in perfect sync.

Seihai stared down to see the grass was every color of the rainbow. He was currently standing on the blue grass section as walked over it, making soft crunch as grew he little smile. He would one day be able to share this memory with his grandcolt. He would tell him the full of beauty of Canterlot's park. The city itself was marvel of pony architect.

Seihai wondered if he would ever be able to create something so beautiful...

He stared down to the book to simple spell section. He read it about three times to make sure the book was not playing a trick on him again. The books main function was to trick him into creating new spells. However he lacked proper training, making this book a little dangerous for him to use, but his grandcolt expected him to try it at least once a every two days.

He was confident the spell wasn't a trick. It was just a simple spell that make bubbles. It was even labeled plainly 'GiantTap's Bubble spell.' Seihai was convinced that GiantTrap was the name of his grandcolt's least he thought.

His horn let out a whistling sound as it glows a light teal. Slowly a bubble formed from his horn and he smiled with pride, that is till it grew bigger and bigger, till it started enveloping his horn. Then his upper body. He widened his eyes in horror as he tried to escape, trying to break free or release the spell. However the bubble dragged him in like quicksand when he struggled.

He slammed is little form against the sides. The bubble refuse to let him free. In fact it started slowly rolling down the faint hill he had been sitting on. Gaining speed.
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Bubble Trouble
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