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 Ashen Cloud

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PostSubject: Ashen Cloud   Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:11 am

[Pegasi]Ashen Cloud

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasi

Mane: White and Black

Tail: Short and curved, white and black as the mane.

Eyes: Dark/light blue.

Body: Medium Build, grey and dark outline. His left ear is cut along the edge, not from clipping but from an accident. Odd longer wing span than a few pegasi, apparently an adaptation to fly in the forest. He has bandages on his legs, but unknown exactly why. He never seems to take them off. He has an outdated military vest on most of the time, apparently from his father. The underside has a hidden sheathe with an object on it with a handle, which he was told never to unsheathe unless it was an emergency. He hasn't unsheathed it yet.

Cutie Mark: Grey Shield

Age (Baby,adult): Adult, at mature equivalent of age 19 human.

Personality: Somewhat serious when working his various odd jobs, but eager to learn new things as he is still relatively new to Ponyville. Usually cautious towards other ponies, from a prolonged separation of social behavior from his youth. Very protective towards any pony he meets, really.

Likes: Honest ponies or creatures, the outdoors, and generally anything social related. Generally any pony as long as they aren't so judging by his rough appearance.

Dislikes: Stuck up ponies, liars, and general hostile behavior towards him or any pony else.

History: Has lived in the Everfree Forest almost all of his life, only recently has he begun to explore outside of his home. His father and mother have a slight shady unknown background, but are nice to him and others. He supposedly lived with a small group of ponies when he was young, a small village around the Eastern part of the forest where the creatures of the forest are nearly never around. His mane used to be longer and his legs weren't bandaged, after a tragic accent with his best childhood filly friend Hazel, he broke both his legs at a very young age keeping a tree from falling on them both. He yelled at her to move, she dashed out of the way and he pushed the small tree up, breaking it but also his legs. The last thing he remembered was telling Hazel to get away and get help as he cried on the floor in severe pain. The branches caught onto his mane and ears, ripping part of his mane and ear off. The next thing that happened was him waking up in bed and his legs in bandages, no broken and he seemed fine but his parents stayed so close to him after that, never letting him out without supervision from his father Tater, an inventor. Or his mother Jade, which was a nurse. He tried to go out to find his friend, but he found her gone along with all the other ponies in the surrounding area. He was socially deprived up and gave up on exploring until he grew up old enough to go out on his own. He was told by his father, for his mother's sake, never to take the bandages off as she was mentally scarred from the sight of him being hurt when he was young.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashen Cloud   Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:14 am

Well, everything checks out here. So I suppose you shall be approved then. Just to make sure you mean Everfree forest? Or WhiteTail woods?
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PostSubject: Re: Ashen Cloud   Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:02 am

Living in Everfree is a no-no unless you can give a good reason why a pony would be living inside of it. It's unnatural compared to the rest of Equestria and everypony is deathly afraid of it. That's the whole reason why everypony was afraid of Zecora.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashen Cloud   

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Ashen Cloud
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