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 Moon Whistle

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PostSubject: Moon Whistle   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:58 pm

Moon Whistle

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Medium length, messy, dark orange and red

Tail: Same colour as mane, usually on a thick braid

Eyes: Amber/gold

Body: Smaller than average, heavier than average. Short and chubby, that is.

Cutie Mark: Crescent moon with three stars around it.

Age (Baby,adult): Young Mare

Personality: Generally speaking, Moon Whistle might appear shy at first, but actually she is just a silent type. She is not the kind that blabbers things around and about, she could be defined as a silent watcher of things. Moon Whistle treats others around her as she is treated by them. At times, Moon Whistle can be rather hard pony to be with, as she can crave company and attention at the same time with solitude. Sometimes Moon Whistle might appear rude or even mean, if she happens to be extremely tired or achy.

Likes: Stargazing, nature expeditions, gardening projects, a good laugh with friends, reading, her very own telescope.

Dislikes: Unfair treatment, high expectations, being labeled.

History: Moon Whistle has been living all of her life in Ponyville. She is the second born of her parents, who happen to be farmers. Moon Whistle has an older brother.

She grew up on the farm, where her parents focused on farming corn and smaller crops of vegetables. Being a kind of introvert, Moon Whistle did not have too many friends at young age and mostly enjoyed the company of her big brother, who often took her out to gaze at the stars at night time.
As soon as she learned to recognise the first star constellation by herself, she decided she wanted to be an astronomer, thus she earned her cutie mark.

Moon Whistle's big brother moved out to Canterlot to continue his studies upon chemistry and physics, which lead Moon Whistle to try and make some new friends - not an easy task. At the same time, she concentrated to her own studies and moved on her own to the central of Ponyville. All in all, her life has been somewhat uneventful, as she concentrates on her studies and work as astronomer. There is no happening in the sky she would not be aware of.

Magic: Moon Whistle's magic is nothing spectacular, she can lift objects and create images for a short while.

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Whistle   Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:10 pm

Seems fine, Approved and everything, Drop by Chat and talk with other members sometime if you would like, otherwise, enjoy roleplaying.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Whistle   Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:56 pm

In the chat box at the bottom of the main page.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Whistle   

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Moon Whistle
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