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 Wessler the Lemur

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PostSubject: Wessler the Lemur   Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:39 pm

Name: Wessler

Gender: Male

Species: Ring tailed lemur

Appearance: Long black and whiter ringed tail. a foot tall with a grey cot and a whie
underbelly. His face is white save for his eyes and snout which are black. He wears a black bowler hat and a black vest which is checkered white on the inside as well s a piano key tie.

Personality: Wessler dislikes his owner. for the reason that he was named 'Wessler'. He hates the name with a vengeance, but is afraid of what other names Blackfire might have in mind. He adores his bowler hat, and would often go to ridiculous limits to protect it. Wessler is kind to all, yet displays a sarcastic sense of humor despite being unable to speak. he seems to have an understanding that Blackfire is the pet, and treats him as such, hitting him with newspapers when he misbehaves, spraying him with a squirt bottle and offering him treats.

History: At a young age, a once nameless lemur lived happily in a pet shop for a few years. However that came to a screeching halt when a unicorn named Blackfire walked in one day and spotted him. Blackfire decided that the lemur would become his pet. He, much to the lemur's chagrin, named him Wessler, and gave him a quote 'snazzy' attire. The following days were spent with Wessler refusing to do any of Blackfire's bidding, slowly establishing himself as the master. He has no interest in carpentry whatsoever, and while Blackfire works, Wessler usually enjoys a comic book or a nap.
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Wessler the Lemur
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