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 Cloud Dasher

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PostSubject: Cloud Dasher   Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:31 pm

Name:Cloud Dasher
Mane:Green with sky blue tips.
Tail:Ruffled up.The same as mane,but only the sky blue is in the center.
Eyes:Grass green
Cutie Mark:2 white clouds(missing in picture)
Personality:Competitive,but friendly and social.
Likes:Competing,partying and almost everything that includes socialising.
Dislikes:Getting isolated at home,studying for too long.
History:Cloud Dasher was born in Ponyville,but moved to Cloudsdale at a very young age.There he attended the Junior Speedsters flight camp.There he met lots of pegasai friends who he liked a lot.

After some years,Cloud had to move back to Ponyville.When he moved back,he started feeling nostalgic.He became sad,and didn't want to come out of the house.His parents got angry with that,and they forced him to go to study cloud duty.He saw the clouds and realised-he wasn't nostalgic.He was missing the clouds!That's when his Cutie Mark came to light.

He started doing cloud duty little by little,until he decided to help every day.He was happy,and he never ever wanted to stay isolated at home again.He met lots of new friends in the Ponyville school,including his bestest friend-Steel Stallion.Cloud loved his life,and he still does.Right now,he hangs out with Steel and does cloud duty sometimes.And he still hates indoors isolation.
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Dasher   Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:39 pm

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Cloud Dasher
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