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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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Blackberry Blackberry
He has a beautifully flowing blue and purple mane. Despite his lack of usual care of his mane, it just naturally seems to come out looking fantastic. His mane grows to a longer length fairly quickly making it nearly impossible to keep his mane short for long, so he has stopped trying.
He has a beautifully flowing blue and purple tail, to match his mane. Just line his mane, it naturally seems to make itself look wonderful, even without his efforts. Also like his mane, his hair grows exceedingly quickly making it hard for him to ever have a shirt tail.
He has stunningly beautiful purple eyes that just seem to sparkle when looked at. A lot of ponys tend to admire his eyes, although many seem to think they're part of what makes him look so feminine.
Blackberry has been blessed with being a beautiful pony in appearance, His mane and tail both are naturally pretty and manage to keep themselves well maintained. His eyes sparkle with beauty. His body is no different. His indigo colored coat beautifully accents his well shaped body. However, his body is not nearly masculine in any way. He could and often does get mistaken for a filly.
Cutie Mark:
A painting palette with orange, red, violet, green, yellow, and blue. He got his cutie mark fairly early while most of the other ponys were doing simple hoof painting in class, he fell in love with the idea of being able to make anything his mind could think of.
Age (Baby,adult):
Young Adult
Blackberry is constantly being either complimented for his beauty, or being mistake for a filly. Both of these things completely infuriate him. He does not want to be a pretty pony, he just wants to be a normal colt. He is sometimes lead to outbursts following these regular mistakes of his gender. His scenario is not helped by the fact that he seems extremely adept at making friends, especially female ones (in a none romantic way, you pervs). It's not sure why him and fillys get along so well together, and his ability to blend seamlessly into a group of fillys often leads to further confusion of his colt-ness. He does not like to upset his friends and will often apologize quickly if he does end up snapping at one for pushing one of his buttons. Blackberry is also so willing to please his friends that he also struggles to say 'no' to them when they need a favor or perhaps want to have fun. This has lead to many teeth gritting moments in his life.
his friends, music, scenery or architecture that is aesthetically pleasing, painting.
being called pretty or a girl, saying 'no' to his friends, ...mustard?, active sports.
From the moment Blackberry was born, everyone thought he was the cutest filly alive. This made young like rough on the little colt as he knew he was a colt but other ponys constantly speaking to him as if he was a little girl began to upset the young foal. Even as he entered school, classmates and teachers alike regularly mistook him for a girl. Some of the other colts teased him for looking like a filly, while the fillys in his class befriended him, sometimes forgetting there was a colt in their midst. Blackberry became prone to yelling out about not being a girl, which usually hushes the groups around him for a second until he realized that everyone was staring at him and he quickly apologized to everyone.
When hoof painting was introduced to the young foals in school, Blackberry realized that the idea of being able to make anything he could think of on that canvas was the best thing in the world. Putting all his focus into painting made his painting palette cutie mark quickly appear, and no one was surprised.
Shortly after Blackberry was done with school, he earned enough money to move to Manehatten, where he hoped to become the 'next big thing' and become a famous artist. Money goes quick when you're in the big city without a job, and Blackberry learned this the hard way. It was not long before he was living with two other ponys in the slums of Manehatten just managing to scrape by. His art was beautiful, but the critics did not care, he was not 'it'.
Battered and Broken, Blackberry reluctantly returns to Ponyville, broke, likely without a home, hoping that a second chance might just be right around the corner.
Blackberry, along with the standard unicorn magic allowing him to move objects, has the ability to summon various colors of paint and use this to paint the most amazing of details. When summoning paint, his horn will glow and a small glob of paint will materialize just at the tip of his horn. It'll then float to the canvas and begin to apply itself as if Blackberry were using a brush himself.

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Approved! Very interesting character!

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