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 Strawberry Sprout

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PostSubject: Strawberry Sprout   Strawberry Sprout I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 10:49 pm

Strawberry Sprout
Strawberry Sprout Strawberrysprout
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Long, wavy, and bouncy, to the back of it tied a large dark purple ribbon. Her mane is a more rosy pink than her sisters, and is solid coloured, as well as not as shiny.
Tail: The same as her mane, except the bow it's tied with is small and light pink.
Eyes: Dark amber, with a kind look to them.
Body: A warm raspberry, with splotches of a lighter colour, in a pattern similar to Spritz's coat. She's small for her age. Her ears have the same notches as her sisters, and they both share their dark freckles.
Cutie Mark: A strawberry plant. The berry almost looks like a heart.
Age (Baby,adult): Preteen
Personality: In stark contrast to her brash older sister, Sprout is kind and approaches things delicately. She's very polite to other ponies, but is a bit shy to ponies she doesn't know, sometimes mumbling or talking too quietly to hear. She's cheerful whenever she can be, and enjoys the little things in life, such as a particularly interestingly shaped cloud, or the way morning dews drips off ripe strawberries when they're ready to be picked. This behaviour leads to her head being halfway in the clouds, daydreaming or just losing touch with her trains of thought.

Sprout often finds herself embarrassed by and apologizing for Spritz's behaviour, though this doesn't happen often, due to her sister's tendency to try to tone it down when Sprout is around. Despite that, she looks up to her a lot, and wants to emulate her bravery, as she calls it. She depends of her sister for a lot of things, not seeming to realize that her cooking and growing skills are supporting the both of them.

Because of how sheltered she is, due to her own shyness and Spritz's insistence that she stays safe, Sprout is quite ignorant about the ways of the pony world. She's rather trusting, and Spritz doesn't let her go shopping, because this makes her incredibly easy to swindle.

Likes: Being outside, tending to her strawberry patch, cooking, cleaning, sweet foods, Strawberry Spritz, and meeting new ponies.

Dislikes: Being alone at night, dark or scary things, cold weather because she can only grow a few strawberries indoors, and when Spritz gets angry.

History: (Copied and pasted from Spritz's history, because they're the same.)
Strawberry Spritz was born on a farm called Strawberry Fields, to her parents, Ravish Berry and Dream Catcher. They had a very large strawberry farm, and Ravish was an expert at growing them, while Dream Catcher could coax them to grow out of season and in less-than-forgiving weather. Spritz tried to help, but it seemed she had no talent in the family business, or indeed talent in anything at all, besides getting angry at the slightest provocation.
When she was still a foal, her parents had a second daughter, naming her Strawberry Sprout. Apparently they had a thing for poetry, seeing as their daughters names sounded so similar. Sprout grew to have talent in everything Spritz didn't, getting her Cutie Mark well before the average pony. Her temperament was more manageable, too.

But Spritz wasn't jealous, far from it. She loved her little sister with everything she had, taking it upon herself to protect her. Together, they went through life happily, until just a few short weeks ago. After a short trip to the market, Spritz carrying most of the groceries and Sprout happily trotting along behind, they came back from their long walk back home to find the farmhouse and fields in flames. It had been dry lately, and the fire, the cause of which eluded the both of them, had spread quickly and lethally.

Though the smoke had risen high, the even higher trees that surrounded the farm had obscured it almost completely. It was a a couple hours before a breathless Sprout returned with help, and Spritz had jumped out of the farmhouse, having found what she'd been so desperately searching for, and a painful burn on her left flank, down to her hoof. She didn't tell Sprout about it.

Alone, and with their home and livelihood in ruins, the two traveled to Ponyville, in hopes of making a new life for themselves among the similar farming town.
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PostSubject: Re: Strawberry Sprout   Strawberry Sprout I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:45 pm

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Strawberry Sprout
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