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 Strawberry Spritz

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PostSubject: Strawberry Spritz    Strawberry Spritz  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 10:48 pm

Strawberry Spritz
Strawberry Spritz  Strawberryspritz
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Medium length, messy, and quite wavy. Its shiny and pink, with a slightly darker purple on the ends.
Tail: Same as her mane.
Eyes: A dull brown.
Body: Her coat is a dark red-purple, splotched with a lighter shade of the same colour. She's athletic, evidenced by her healthy, lean physique. Her ears are notched on the ends and she has a few freckles. Her head is always covered by some sort of hat, and she'll sometimes wear the bracelets pictured above, if she isn't in a position where they'd be a nuisance.
Cutie Mark: Blank flank.
Age (Baby,adult): Teenager
Personality: Spritz is rude and sometimes mean-spirited to the other ponies. She has no qualms about throwing insults if she gets annoyed, but even in a good mood she's hard to be around. She's not afraid of many things, and their isn't much she'll shy away from. The mention of Cutie Marks in general is enough to get her to snap at somepony, as she's quite sensitive about still not discovering her own.

The only pony Spritz has never snapped at is her own little sister, Strawberry Sprout. Spritz cares immensely about Sprout, and is very protective of her. This behaviour only intensified after the disappearance of their parents. Spritz will react harshly to any threats to her sister, and tries to keep her out of harms way by accompanying her to town, or instructing her to not leave home unless absolutely necessary. Though she isn't usually violent towards anypony directly, she will use force to protect Sprout.

Prideful, Spritz doesn't like to let others, not even Sprout, see her show weakness. She's steadfastly refused to cry all her life, keeping herself guarded from getting close to very many ponies. Her relative mistrust of others stems from the fact that when Strawberry Fields, the family farm, was burned down, help from the rest of the town arrived too late to save their parents.
Likes: Strawberry Sprout, any food prepared by her sister, and sunny days
Dislikes: When Cutie Marks are mentioned, most other ponies, cold days, too hot days, rainy days, snowy days, when Sprout is sad, and being confused.
History: Strawberry Spritz was born on a farm called Strawberry Fields, to her parents, Ravish Berry and Dream Catcher. They had a very large strawberry farm, and Ravish was an expert at growing them, while Dream Catcher could coax them to grow out of season and in less-than-forgiving weather. Spritz tried to help, but it seemed she had no talent in the family business, or indeed talent in anything at all, besides getting angry at the slightest provocation.
When she was still a foal, her parents had a second daughter, naming her Strawberry Sprout. Apparently they had a thing for poetry, seeing as their daughters names sounded so similar. Sprout grew to have talent in everything Spritz didn't, getting her Cutie Mark well before the average pony. Her temperament was more manageable, too.

But Spritz wasn't jealous, far from it. She loved her little sister with everything she had, taking it upon herself to protect her. Together, they went through life happily, until just a few short weeks ago. After a short trip to the market, Spritz carrying most of the groceries and Sprout happily trotting along behind, they came back from their long walk back home to find the farmhouse and fields in flames. It had been dry lately, and the fire, the cause of which eluded the both of them, had spread quickly and lethally.

Though the smoke had risen high, the even higher trees that surrounded the farm had obscured it almost completely. It was a a couple hours before a breathless Sprout returned with help, and Spritz had jumped out of the farmhouse, having found what she'd been so desperately searching for, and a painful burn on her left flank, down to her hoof. She didn't tell Sprout about it.

Alone, and with their home and livelihood in ruins, the two traveled to Ponyville, in hopes of making a new life for themselves among the similar farming town.
I realize the history is a bit dark and long, but its the reason for Spritz's actions, and to a lesser extent Sprout's. I can change it if that's no good.
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PostSubject: Re: Strawberry Spritz    Strawberry Spritz  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:48 pm

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Strawberry Spritz
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