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 Seledora's Parents Demsi and Dovah

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PostSubject: Seledora's Parents Demsi and Dovah   Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:21 am

Name: Demsi and Dovah

Gender: Demsi: Female
Dovah: Male

Species: They are both Unicorns

Appearance: Demsi: Her coat is pure white like the driven snow. Her messy mane and tail are the same baby blue as the streaks in her daughter's hair. Her eyes have a green tint to them. Her Cutie mark is that of an open book.
Dovah: His coat is gray but shimmers silver under the light. He semi kempt mane, tail, and mustache are the deep blue color that prevails in the mane and tail of his daughter. His eyes are the exact same as his daughter's. His cutie mark is of a purple eye with a green pupil.

Personality: Demsi: She enjoys spending most of her time reading but does an excellent job of maintaining the house and making supper. She likes to cook anything new and will happily help others who need food.
Dovah: He is a hard working unicorn that will do anything that won't compromise his morals to get bits for his family and keep food and shelter for them. He is always wary of young stallions that get too friendly with his Seledora.

History: Demsi: She was raised in Canterlot and had to elope to marry Dovah. Her parents never truly approved of much she did, even after being accepted into Celestia's school for gifted ponies. She got her cutie mark after passing an exam with 100 percent. No one else managed that exam and she had done so by studying.
Dovah: He was nothing more than a lowly worker in Canterlot and the nobility sneered at him and his family. Even though he was not nobility, Dovah was gifted with large amounts of magic. Most of his magic dealt with that of illusion and alteration. He could make things seem to disappear or appear when they weren't there, and he could change the way things worked in reality to a small degree. He could change the color of the grass or make water a solid with out freezing it. He couldn't, however, do this on a large scale. Only in small, contained areas.
Together: After Demsi and Dovah met, they quickly fell in love. They would arrange to meet each other in private, but soon Demsi's parents found out and banned her from seeing him. They talked to Dovah's parents and they suggested they elope and live in a solitary cottage in the Everfree forest that Dovah's family had used several times as a stop when traveling through it. That night, they ran off together and started their life together deep in the Everfree forest. After two years of marriage, Demsi gave birth to Seledora.
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Seledora's Parents Demsi and Dovah
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