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 Cupcake Dream

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PostSubject: Cupcake Dream   Cupcake Dream I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 10:25 pm

Cupcake Dream
The picture of her is in my avatar.
Gender: Mare (Girl)
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Long, flat red hair, straight as a stick.
Tail: A vibrant red one, almost like her mane, albeit the fact that her tail is cut short, and uniform straight.
Eyes: Pale blue ones, obscured by her glasses.
Body: Slightly pudgy from the treats she makes, but mainly normal. Her body is a light blue, not as pale as her eyes.
Cutie Mark: A pink cupcake!
Age (Baby, adult): She is a teenaged one, in the stage between Filly and Full-grown Mare.
Personality: A shy, quiet recluse, a bit klutzy. She is also really nerdy, with a lust to have friends. She can often be found eating sweets, having an addiction to them as a way to cope.
Likes: Reading, Quiet, Singing (Even if she’s horrible at it), Baking, Swimming, Trying to find friends.
Dislikes: Ponies making fun of her, Noisy Ponies, Most colts, Cheerleaders.
History: Cupcake Dream was originally born in Manehattan with her father and mother, who were cooks at a restaurant. They were happy together, exposing Cupcake to their trade as much as possible. But all this fell apart when she was an 11 year old filly. Her parents started fighting, quickly leading to a divorce. Her mother, Sweet Dream, took her to another village not that far from Ponyville, called Trot City. Her mother turned to alcohol to cope, leaving Cupcake with nobody. Heartbroken, Cupcake went to Ponyville, after 2 years of dealing with this, becoming the pony she is today, to find her Aunt- Fudge Stick. What would happen next would change her life forever. On multiple tips, she found her Aunt, only to discover that her Aunt was a baker, like the rest of her family, and yet, she was poor, the shop not getting any publicity, due to the bakery on Sugarcube Corner bankrupting her shop, called Delicious Delights. Cupcake was on the verge of giving up; about to accept her fate, but that night, she had a dream about herself baking sweets. The next morning, before her aunt was up, she made that dream a reality, baking cupcakes, making a sign- the whole shabam, complete with free samples. At first, this didn’t work, only a few ponies looking at it. On the third day, Cupcake was desperate, dressing in a chicken costume and handing out flyers. Ponies were amused, coming to the shop so they could laugh at her, with free cake. When they took a bite, however, they were amazed at the quality of the product, both praising her, but still laughing at “the stupid kid baker filly”. That day, Cupcake got her cutie mark, the shop saved from bankruptcy, although they immediately became fierce rivals with Sugarcube Corner. Yet, that left another issue- school. Determined not to be the poor kid anymore, Cupcake went to school, only to find herself laughed at for her nerdiness and klutziness, leaving her mentally cracked from this, ironically. Again, Delicious Delights maintains a fierce rivalry with Sugarcube Corner.

I tried my best for her not to be a Marysue, if she is, I'll change anything you'd like for me to change! :D

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PostSubject: Re: Cupcake Dream   Cupcake Dream I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 10:44 pm

Hi CupcakeDream13.

The application is solid, but I think a couple of things need to be looked at, chiefly:

"She can often be found on a cliff, wondering if she should jump, but she always decides not to in the end."

While Grimdark style is totally fine, I believe it's best to avoid exploring touchy subjects such as these. I mean; this is, at the end of the day, a pony forum. It's moreover troubling that you've decided to add this because, if it is true that OC's are to some extent a reflection of their creators, this application raises honest concerns. Otherwise, if I'm misinterpreting this, I apologize.

Will you please join me in the Chatbox at the bottom of the front page?

EDIT: Thank you. Approved!
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Cupcake Dream
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