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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 The hero game

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PostSubject: The hero game   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:51 pm

#ooc I'd like to welcome you to my humble AU thread I had more detail, but the internet went strange. If you have any questions please ask me.

The Equestrian government had been playing with a new type of magic virus.
It broke out
A lot of ponies got super powers
Villains heroes sprang up
They fought a lot for many different reasons
A brilliant doctor did a study discovered the amount of danger destruction of the new ponies would be ten time time worst then nuclear winter.
The governments demed they register themselves join the military of the country of their birth.
Villains refused, some joined the military, some went into hiding some heroes still went on doing what they do.
Activist groups popped up deming rights for the powered up ponies.
The governments start hunted down the other ponies with the ponies who joined the military.


The Olympians, ran by a colt known as the Scholar. Each given a title of god as a code names. They supply weapons to most countries are neutral. Willing to help you if you have the bits.

Equestrian government: Most who work for them are heroes they still consider themselves heroes. They are part of the many task groups looking for other heroes villains. You may sadly if the heroes refuse have to arrest or kill other them.

Griffon Empire: They hire anyone as mercenaries house many powerful villains. Currently they are in a civil war of sorts villains are making it a nightmare there.

Heroes: Well known good guys who normally live in the same place have refused to give up the mask. Many of you may be in prison or on the run. Normally you have many who still see you as a good guy.

Villain: You are a bad guy. Do whatever bad guys do when the world is in chaos. You mostly work alone. Though there are rumors of villain alliance trying to form.

Everyone else: If you have intention that isn't promoting any of the other factions.

Cities of importance:

Canterlot is the hub of debate about this. Many heroes activist are there there are many that wish to stop them. Dirty politics assassination are daily occurring.

Ponyville: Small city, but close to the many other major cities of the area. Main out post of Equestrian heroes who joined the military.

Cloudsdale: Currently the base of the Olympians. Though most only know you can reach them there. Not that there base is there.

Manehatten: Is on the brink of all out battle of heroes, villains everything between. Many plans brewing there.

Girffon Empire: Currently a warzone.

Any other city do what you will with it.

(After you post a little I'll reveal more info.)

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The hero game
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