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 Chic Runner (Fencer's NPC)

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PostSubject: Chic Runner (Fencer's NPC)   Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:56 pm

Chic Runner
Made in Pony Maker on Facebook. Top image shows off her Cutie mark. The bottom image is her normal appearance.

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Appearance: Violet coat, Delicate frame, cutely feathered wings, dark purple tattoos, dark mane and tail w/ purple highlights.

Much more fun and social than Fencer. Brings him back to reality on the occasions when he gets carried away. Likes to go fast. Dislikes "The Dagger's Scabbard"

An old friend of Fencer, Chic Runner likes to fly as much as she likes to go fast. Her love of speed earned her an accelerometer shaped cutie mark. Capable of controlling her speed with precision, Runner can alter her speed at will.

However, with great speed comes limited movement. Runner is careful not to push beyond her boundaries. If she ever did, she runs the risk of losing control. A sudden stop at high velocity can cause anywhere from permanent injury up to death.

Melodrama aside, Runner still likes to test herself any chance she gets.

She used to live in Cloudsdale, until Fencer returned from his trip around Equestria. Upon learning his decision to start a Bed and Breakfast outside Ponyville, she went along with him. Chic runner now works as the assistant manager of The Dagger's Scabbard.

She has argued with Fencer on several occasions for many hours over the name. The argument always ending the same way, both being angry with each other, then reconciling later.

Runner's duties as assistant manager are the same as Fencer's. She normally runs the inn on her own when Fencer is out. She is praised by guests for being a much better cook.
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PostSubject: Re: Chic Runner (Fencer's NPC)   Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:47 pm


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Chic Runner (Fencer's NPC)
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