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 [Fanfiction] Deal With It

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PostSubject: [Fanfiction] Deal With It   [Fanfiction] Deal With It I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 4:14 pm

“Life is too precious to be given away ahead of time.”

Hello, dear readers of this fanfic of mine. I won't say too much about that, except these few things.

First of all, this won't be the backstory for my RP character, who is also named Airy Movement. They share similarities, but this story is going to have an alternate ending of some kind. I won't tell you too much because of spoilers.

Second: This is a work in progress, and it might take a while until I'm done with it.

Third: Thanks to Quill Tip, who translates my fanfic. I changed a few parts, but most of the work translating it was Quill Tip's.

Alright then, I think I'll just let you get started.



Darkness. Everything around me was dark. I heard something in my ears that sounded like a thousand telephones ringing at once, and my chest felt as if it was cast in concrete. For some reason I couldn’t feel my hind legs, but I could feel the front ones, and it was a very strange feeling. My entire front hurt, but even that was an understatement. My entire rear end felt like it was missing, I had no sense of feeling there at all. Soon the pain vanished, and I felt nothing in my body at all.

I’ve heard a lot about that whole “light at the end of the tunnel” saying. Many of those who had had near death experiences have talked about it, but I myself had never thought that I would ever see it for myself. I had not expected this, but honestly, what can you expect from life?

The light came closer. It was getting brighter, and brighter. I could hear voices, familiar voices. They called out to me: Airy… Airy… Can you hear me?
The light came closer, and the tunnel opened up. The first thing I saw was the face of another pony. A distant relative? Perhaps my Great-Great-Grandfather? A long lost twin brother?
No, it’s just a doctor, I recognize his white coat, and mask. Okay, so I wasn’t dead yet. At least that was something.

“Airy! Oh I’m so glad you’re awake!” I heard another pony in the room; a pony that I recognized.

“Mother? What happened? Where am I?”
In retrospect, the second question was pointless to ask, as the answer would come from myself.

“You are in the emergency wing of the Cloudsdale Hospital.” Answered the doctor, whose face I always have remembered. The fact that my mother didn’t answer was because she had begun to cry, almost as if I had died. My front feet hurt again, proving that I hadn’t died yet. “If I could speak for a moment, Airy Movement,” the doctor continued, “now would be a good time…”

“What happened?” I asked, “I don’t remember much at all.”

“Hey Airy! You still owe me a rematch! Or are you scared you could lose your title as fastest junior airman of Cloudsdale?"

“Right here and now?”

“Of course! To Dragon Mountain and back?”

“All right! Three, two, one, go!”

"I remember that I had started a race with Silent Wind to Dragon Mountain, before I passed out, and that my front feet hurt like hell until right before I passed out. Then the pain was suddenly gone.” I murmured thoughtfully.

“Well, to be honest,” the doctor began, “Your race with Silent Wind was almost a week ago. You’ve been in a coma for the last six days.”

That statement hit me hard. For me it had felt like only minutes before I woke up, but in reality, I had spend six days unaware of what was going on in the world. Well, that explains my mother’s reaction.

The doctor continued, “Close to Dragon Mountain, you collided with another pegasus, and crashed. You looked terrible when they brought you in. I’m happy that at least you’re still alive.”

I knew that the doctor hadn’t said something important, the way he said “I’m happy that at least you’re still alive,” was probably what gave me that idea.

“However, the crash did come with consequences,” the doctor said, “permanent ones: you’re paralyzed, you’ll never fly again.”

After that, my senses left me again, and I fell into darkness.

With those words, I felt my world collapse around me, and I had passed out again. Airy Movement, one of the best young flyers in Cloudsdale, couldn’t fly? As far as I can remember, I hadn’t cried as much as I did when I woke up from passing out for a second time. I was angry, angry at the pony who had taken my special talent. I was sad for the irreplaceable loss that this accident had given me. I was hungry, because I had gone six days without eating any major foods, but that feeling of hunger was gone as the other emotions took over, gone like a grain of sand between rocks. I was sad, depressed in the truest sense of the word. The doctor said that it was a miracle that I was alive. Did this miracle have to be my life's ruin?
If I hadn’t survived the crash, the doctors had not fought for six days to keep me alive, that would have spared me a life of grief. A life where I could do nothing more? Or…

Well, Cloudsdale was quite high, so I would have sufficient time to build up speed before I hit the ground and suddenly stopped. It would take a miracle to survive this fall, and even bigger one than before. Two miracles so close together would be very unlikely, so there is a good chance that it would work, but I was tied to the bed, so I couldn’t leave. For a while, I had to just sit, and endure a state of helplessness.
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[Fanfiction] Deal With It
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