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 Emotion Eschmotion. Who needs that? (Closed)

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PostSubject: Emotion Eschmotion. Who needs that? (Closed)   Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:11 pm

The howling winds of the Everfree were only a tiny bit louder than Ave's deep breaths. The blow to the head had sent the strange pink stallion running away, dazed and likely ready to fall unconcious the moment his adrenaline faded, but Ave had taken quite the hits to his leg, meaning he wasn't ready to chase the evil fellow down. He had simply set himself down on all 4 knees on the floor where he had fought. His expression was as emotionless as ever, staring off the in the distance. Had it been a few years earlier, he had been yelping in the pain and writhing around, praying it had stopped. But instead, he could sit here, staring off, wondering where he had gone so wrong that even an expression of pain did not come upon his face. The only real sign of his damaged legs was that one of his back legs was shaking quite a bit, despite him sitting down and resting. He didn't think there was any damage so bad that he wouldn't be able to do anything. But he'd need a day's rest.

Had he said the right things? Maybe his suspicions weren't necessary at all, maybe she was wise enough to not use the book. Was he overly cautious? was he a little too rude? he had tried to be as comforting as possible. The howling wind made it all to easy for him to just sit around and slowly droop into less happy thoughts, thinking on his mistakes.. and worrying for both their safety. Hopefully they were not too far, and hopefully Aero had remembered the dangers they had encountered on their first run through this practically (and possibly actually) cursed forest. He just sat there, calmly, pain not showing on his face. He tried to act something to distract himself, but he couldn't manage a smile. The pain was too strong for him to act out emotions right now... Well, if Bright and Aero were going to pick him up, he was going to have to come out with the truth to Bright.

Secretly, he prayed they just went on the mission and left him to walk back to ponyville himself, even though he was far more concerned for their safety. He wouldn't have to pray on it for all too long, though.
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Emotion Eschmotion. Who needs that? (Closed)
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